Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 256 of Monday, October 25, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 256 of monday, october 25, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Greg struggles to accept what is happening to him, Celia lies to Solal to spend time with Jeremy. At the same time, chef Simony arrives at the institute.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 25 in Here everything begins …


Following Jasmine’s revelations, Greg made a DNA test which confirms that he is indeed Naël’s father. In shock, he blames Jasmine for hiding her pregnancy from him. The young woman then reminds him that they were no longer in contact at the time and then tells him that she was so happy when she learned that she was pregnant that she preferred not to say anything to him for fear that he would have her. change your mind.

But then, everything became complicated for Jasmine who abandoned her son because she could not reconcile her studies and a baby. Although she admits to having made a terrible mistake, she nevertheless swears that she is not at the institute to trap him. Only, Greg sees things differently and has the feeling that she is forcing his hand.

If the test proves that Greg is indeed Naël’s father, he nevertheless refuses to be his father. Although he understands that the situation is delicate, Eliott nevertheless encourages him to do things right for his son. When Lionel and Kelly join them, Greg tells them that he is the baby’s father.

In cooking class, Lionel is particularly aggressive towards Jasmine and accuses her of having had a child behind Greg’s back to touch the Delobel inheritance. Jasmine may guarantee her the opposite, Lionel does not believe her and assures that her friend will not be fooled.

Later, Rose is looking for Jasmine who did not come to pick up Naël as agreed. Very worried for her, Rose and Eliott hasten to search the institute and end up discovering her unconscious on the floor of the commissary. Jasmine has taken sleeping pills to sleep but these drugs are not compatible with her treatment. At the end of the line, the young woman cracks and regrets that everyone thinks she trapped Greg. After promising that everything would be fine, Rose and Eliott take her to her room so that she can rest.

Distraught with what just happened, Eliott pushes Greg to make an effort and support Jasmine. Unfortunately, Greg feels that it is not his job and that it is not for him to fix this. Despite everything, Eliott insists and points out to him that he does not have the right to act as if Naël does not exist. And to specify that he reacts like a selfish alpha male before leaving the premises furious.

Not knowing what to do, Eliott decides to use great means and contacts Benoît Delobel.


In the salt marshes, Célia is particularly distant with Solal who thinks that her change of attitude is linked to Jérémy’s return. The Gaissac girl then guarantees that this has nothing to do with it and agrees to go for a picnic with him later in the day.

Thereafter, Célia crosses paths with Jérémy at the institute who suggests that she go for a coffee to make up for lost time. As she wishes to accompany him, she sends a message to Solal to cancel herself by pretending to be taken by work.

A few hours later, Célia and Jérémy return to the institute with a great bond. Unfortunately, Solal has come to bring Celia cannelés and crosses them in the hallways. Quickly realizing that his girlfriend lied to him to spend time with his half-brother, he tells her of his disappointment.

While Jérémy signals to him that she does not have to give him a detailed account of her life, Solal loses her temper and Célia stands up for her half-brother. Dissatisfied, Solal comes to think that the Gaissac girl is using him to forget Jeremy. If he is very much in love with her, Célia answers that she cares for him without knowing if she feels love for him.


Chief Mao having canceled two days before the start of his masterclass at the institute, Olivia mentions Fabien Simony, her ex-husband, to replace him. An idea that excites Teyssier a lot, who is counting on his colleague to convince him.

Olivia then takes advantage of a lunch with Fabien to offer him to host the next masterclass of the gastronomic school. Only, he must train his teams for the opening of his next restaurant in Singapore and declines.

Shortly after, they are interrupted by Célia and Jérémy who come to drink a coffee in the restaurant. Fan of her work, Célia finds it unfortunate that chef Simony does not come to give lessons in her school, especially since she would have fought for a place in her masterclass. Chief Simony looks at Celia with some attention and then finally agrees to replace Chief Mao for three weeks. Happy, Olivia invites him to stay with Claire during her stay.

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