Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 253 of Wednesday, October 20, 2021 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Marta helps Jasmine, Jérémy still has feelings for Celia. At the same time, Louis seeks to harm Maxime.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 20 in Here everything begins …


Refusing to be complicit in a kidnapping, Clotilde and Guillaume try to convince Rose to speak to the gendarmerie. Antoine, who is of the same opinion as his sister-in-law, assures us that they will defend Jasmine with the ASE and will do everything to ensure that she recovers custody of her baby. Annoyed, Rose finally gave in.

Without waiting, Rose warns Jasmine that she will have to call the gendarmerie during the day. In order to prevent the authorities from making the connection between her and the kidnapping, Rose asks her to be discreet until the case settles down. Then, they can start the steps so that she can recover Naël.

Shortly after, Rose and Antoine meet Captain Brassac and make him believe that the kidnapper deposited Naël in front of their door in the morning. Insofar as nothing explains this gesture, the gendarme thinks that the return of the little boy has something to do with the interviews he conducted the day before. The ASE having been notified, the captain informs Rose and Antoine that a social worker will come and pick up Naël quickly.

When she sees her son leaving with a social worker, Jasmine plants her service at double A and rushes to join him. Devastated, she ends up confessing to Captain Brassac that she is the mother of the child and begs him to return it to her. Given the situation, the social worker cannot take the little boy but must nevertheless carry out some checks. For her part, Jasmine takes Naël in her arms then promises him that everything will be fine but Captain Brassac asks her to follow him to obtain some explanations.

After telling her her story, the young woman shows her her son’s birth certificate as well as photos taken a few hours after giving birth to prove that she is indeed her mother. Even if everything seems to be in order, the constable must however check his schedule for Friday.

Panicked, Jasmine, who fears that Naël’s custody will be taken away from her, turns to Rose and Marta. The gendarmes having nothing against her, Rose guarantees to find a solution to help her.

At the same time, Antoine hands over Friday’s attendance sheets to Captain Brassac. Jasmine having been absent during the last part of the day, the gendarme begins to suspect her of having abducted her baby. Marta then bursts in and declares that she spent the whole weekend with the young woman.


In the morning, Jérémy finds his grandfather in the salt marshes. As he works with Solal, the son Devaut immediately offers to help. When Diego leaves to go get him some equipment, Solal takes the opportunity to tell him that it is okay for him to be back in Celia’s life and all the more so since he knows how much she cares about him. Despite everything, Jérémy is particularly cold with him.

Later, Célia arrives at the salt marshes. While she is surprised to see Jeremy, Solal does not hesitate to kiss him to mark his territory. Uncomfortable, she prefers to go away.

Back with the Gaissacs, Solal tries to understand why his girlfriend has fled. To reassure him, Célia replies that she no longer has feelings for Jeremy but that she did not want to hurt him. And to specify that she does not want to be with anyone other than him. Words that reassure Solal who had imagined that she had returned to him only to avoid thinking of her half-brother.

Celia then goes to the Gaissac family to return the charger he forgot to the salt marshes to Jérémy. Troubled by this meeting, the latter confides later to his mother that he still has feelings for Célia. Indeed, he has tried to forget it but he does not succeed. In fact, Jérémy is even in a hurry to go back to Australia because it is torture for him to see her.


Louis gives his first cooking class as a teacher. To revisit an emblematic recipe of Auguste Armand, he chooses to have his students work in pairs. And unsurprisingly, he chooses to put Ambre and Maxime together.

The atmosphere is still tense between the two apprentice chefs and although she understands that he still resents her, Ambre would like him to make a little effort to make it go well. However, Maxime retorts that they are not friends and that they never will be.

Despite their differences, Ambre and Maxime prove to be complementary but this is not enough to satisfy Louis, who considers their dish uninteresting and pretentious. If maxim claims to have respected the theme, Louis wants to establish his authority and sticks to his positions.

Later, Teyssier goes to the kitchen to see if everything is going well for Louis’ first day. As the latter indicates that Amber and Maxime have not played along, Emmanuel decides to taste their dish. Even if he makes no judgment in front of his students, the principal takes Louis aside and emphasizes that their dish is successful. When Louis explains that they did not follow the instructions, Emmanuel points out to him that he is now a teacher and that he must be impartial. Right after, the pastry chef congratulated Ambre and Maxime for their good work.

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