Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 249 of Thursday, October 14, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 249 of thursday, october 14, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … As Theo moves away from Marta, Deva confesses the truth to Enzo. At the same time, Mehdi and Hortense investigate Landiras.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, October 14 in Here everything begins …


In the morning, Rose takes advantage that Marta comes to see Naël to tell him that the Town hall of Narbonne has confirmed to her that the birth certificate of the little boy does not exist. While the young woman continues to maintain that she is the mother of the baby, Rose tries to convince her not to sink into the lie. In vain. Believing that she has nothing to prove to him, Marta decides to take Naël for the day but Rose opposes it.

In the parks, Marta finds Theo and Charlene and makes them believe that Rose is spending time with her son before the ASE comes to pick him up. Listening to them imagine a future with the little boy, Marta smiles sadly before rushing to class.

Later, Teyssier’s son joins Marta at the commissary and hands her the lease for the apartment they visited. If the day before she was excited to start a new life with him, today she shows much less enthusiasm. Uncomfortable, Marta then declares that things are going way too fast for her and indicates that she needs to think about it, much to Theo’s dismay.

In cooking class, Jasmine bombards Marta with questions about Naël. Exasperated, she ends up confessing to him that she is not the mother of the child. Clotilde, who overheard their conversation, asks her students to keep it to themselves.

Warned by Clotilde, Rose goes to meet Marta in her room. The latter then reveals that she is not Naël’s mother and specifies that she lied because she is afraid of never succeeding in having children. Indeed, a few months ago, Marta went to see a gynecologist because she had pain in her ovaries. After taking tests, the doctors diagnosed him with endometriosis.

As she was told that it would be difficult for her to have children, Marta completely twisted and then thought that she could give Naël a family and vice versa. Rose, who lost her daughter Tess at eight months pregnant, understands her and is not judgmental. Regarding Theo, Antoine’s companion says she is certain that he will forgive her but Marta is not so sure.

For her part, Jasmine tells Theo everything as soon as she meets him at the commissary even though she had promised to keep it a secret. Without waiting, the young man confronts his girlfriend. Once she apologizes, Marta tells her about her illness but nothing helps. Théo, who is very angry, puts an end to their story.


Despite Tom’s warning, Enzo is excited about his date with Deva. Much to the chagrin of the young woman who shows little enthusiasm at the idea of ​​spending time with him. This does not escape Enzo who tells him about the discussion he had with Tom the day before. Surprised, Deva is uncomfortable and goes so far as to pretend it’s not true. When Enzo declares that his comrade is trying to sideline him to flirt with her, she assures him that he is making films.

Afterwards, Enzo goes to see Tom to show off. Above all this, the influencer launches that he prefers to believe that it is him who is manipulating him instead of accepting the idea that Deva does not like him. Vexed, Enzo leaves many comments on Tom’s Instagram account where he does not hesitate to call him “charlot” and “mythomaniac”.

Insofar as he can not stand these childishness any longer, Tom takes advantage of Olivia’s class to push his comrade to tell Enzo the truth. At the same time, the latter, who assists the chef Listrac, does not hesitate to sting Tom as soon as the opportunity arises. As they are about to come to grips, Deva eventually recognizes that she has no desire to date Enzo.


In the corridors, Teyssier checks with Mehdi that his relations with Chef Landiras have calmed down. The young man then claims so and goes so far as to say that he has a lot to learn from him. In reality, Mehdi does not mean a word of what he has just said. Indeed, the apprentice chef is convinced that Landiras is hiding something and intends to conduct the investigation with the help of Hortense.

In pastry class, Hortense therefore questions her teacher about her coquard. Even if he had indicated to have hit a door in the face a few days before, Zacharie specifies this time that he fell from the stairs. A change of version that did not escape Mehdi and Hortense.

Subsequently, Hortense asks him what gave him the idea of ​​the dessert he presents to his students, to which the chef replies that he specially designed it for Emir Mohammed Ben Abdelaziz.

After some research, Hortense and Mehdi discover that he died of a heart attack six months ago. An additional inconsistency since their teacher also told them that the emir was aware of his appointment to the institute.

The couple decide to take Eliott in the secret and he does not understand why a man with so much talent would need to lie. Intrigued, he chooses to help them in their quest for truth.

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