Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 248 of Wednesday, October 13, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 248 of wednesday, october 13, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Rose makes a discovery that risks undermining Marta’s happiness, Claire accepts Tokyo’s proposal. Enzo is determined to seduce Deva.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, October 13 in Here everything begins …


At her sister’s request, Clotilde arranged to meet Joachim in a cafe. While their reunion seems to particularly disturb them, the boss Armand tells him that a baby has been abandoned and that Marta claims to be the mother. Surprised, the young man indicates that it is impossible then affirms that his sister has never been pregnant. However, he agrees to speak to her to clarify this story.

Listening to Marta, Joachim doesn’t believe her story for a second and pushes her to tell him the truth. As she maintains that she is Naël’s mother, Joachim threatens to call their aunt but she prevents him from doing so. With her back to the wall, Marta finally admits that she lied but unfortunately cannot bring herself to abandon Naël.

Understanding, Joachim signals all the same that it is not up to her to save him. But Marta, who has always dreamed of having a child, knows that if she loses Naël, she loses everything. The young woman then promises her brother to tell her everything on the condition that he keeps her secret. What he accepts.

Later, Joachim finds Clotilde, Constance and Rose and makes them believe that Marta is indeed Naël’s mother. Despite her words, however, Antoine’s companion still has the impression that Marta is hiding something and thinks that Joachim may have been lying to cover her up.

When Clotilde accompanies him back from the institute, Joachim confides that he misses her a lot and that it is not easy for him. Quickly, they are interrupted by Guillaume who is a bit annoyed to see him talking to his wife. The latter then assures him that he has nothing to fear.

A few kilometers away, Marta and Théo come out of an apartment visit. Excited by the scene, they file a file and then go to the Teyssiers to celebrate the good news. Noticing Charlene and Theo become attached to the baby, Marta immediately loses her smile, which does not escape Constance.

For her part, Rose has had confirmation from the Town Hall of Narbonne that no Naël Guéraud has been registered in their service. The birth certificate having been falsified, Marta is therefore not the mother of the baby.


Claire accepted the proposal from the Palace of Tokyo. Since she will have to be away for the next two months, Chef Delobel has agreed to replace her. However, Claire fears the reaction of her son because they have never been separated for so long but Olivia is sure that this cut will do them good.

Later, Claire announces the good news to Louis. As she expected, he takes it badly and even imagines that his mother is seeking revenge for the interview he gave a few days earlier. To support her partner, Olivia intervenes and points out to Louis that it is very ungrateful to react in this way.

Later, Louis confides in Charlene who is of the same opinion as Olivia. For her, Claire could not refuse this opportunity and this separation will be beneficial to them.

For her part, chef Guinot announces to Emmanuel that she intends to go to Japan for two months and suggests that chef Delobel replace her in her absence. Unfortunately, given the past of the chef’s wife, Teyssier is categorically opposed to it. He therefore agrees to let her go on condition that she finds a suitable replacement.


As a result of their misunderstanding, Enzo does not know what to do to show Deva that he is interested in him. On Maxime’s advice, he meets her at the commissary and tries to make her understand quite awkwardly that he is not a pervert. Faced with his insistence that she give him a second chance, Deva agrees to go have a drink with him.

Later, Enzo is in charge of the pastry class in Zacharie’s absence and only has eyes for Deva to the chagrin of the latter who does not know how to tell her that she is not at all interested. .

At the end of the course, Enzo looks for his friend to organize their one-on-one meeting. Not finding her, he turns to Tom. To avoid making films, the influencer is direct with him and says that Deva does not want to go out with him at all. Only, Enzo does not believe it and comes to think that he too has views on the young woman.

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