Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 247 of Tuesday, October 12, 2021 …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 247 of tuesday, october 12, 2021...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Constance doubts Marta’s story, Gaëtan and Marta kiss. Louis is baited as for him on Maxime and Salomé.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 12 in Here everything begins …


After Marta’s revelations, Theo is still in shock. When he learns from his family that she asked him to raise Naël with her, Emmanuel, who has no empathy, implies that his son does not have the shoulders to take on the role of father. Although the young man affirms that he will always do better than him, Emmanuel does not care and specifies that he will have to manage without the help of his parents to assume thisyour new responsibility.

Thereafter, Theo finds his girlfriend. After having thought about it for a long time, he said he was ready to raise Naël with her. Having a little money aside, he even offers to find an apartment near the institute. Happy, Marta hugs him.

Meanwhile, Constance is very angry with her husband for being so obnoxious to their son. Although she admits the situation is delicate, the nurse says she is very proud to have such a mature and responsible son. Unfortunately, Teyssier doesn’t want to see his son screw his life up. As he has just taken the lead of the double A, the pastry chef knows full well that he does not have the shoulders strong enough to do everything head-on. Even if he refuses to see Theo sacrifice himself, Constance nevertheless encourages him to respect his decision and to trust him.

Later, Marta joins Constance in the infirmary to inquire about her. Denial of pregnancy is not something trivial, the nurse seeks to know if the young woman was followed psychologically after her childbirth. As Marta answers no, Constance can’t help but find this odd. Shortly after, Marta and Théo spend time with Naël. For Greg, who watches them from afar, you have to be crazy to raise a child at their age, but Eliott would have liked to have a child with the man he loves.

Not far from there, Constance takes the opportunity to drink a coffee with Rose to share her suspicions with her. In addition, Marta claimed to have given birth at Ambroise Paré hospital in Narbonne while the maternity department closed two years earlier.

To clarify this story, Rose asks Marta for the coordinates of the maternity ward, claiming to need documents to send to the ASE, but she retorts that she prefers to take care of it herself. When Rose indicates that the ward where she allegedly gave birth closed two years ago, Marta claims she was simply wrong. And then to be a bit aggressive by signaling to Rose that she will not leave her Naël to him.

Without delay, Rose puts Clotilde in the secret and asks for her help to contact Joachim. While her sister ruled out harming her husband, Rose argues that this is her only chance to determine if Marta is lying to them.


At the salt marshes, Stella once again apologizes to her sister for lying to her. Although she understands that she will need time to digest this story, she still hopes that they can overcome it all. Unfortunately, Noémie is still angry with him for having taken her for a fool but especially for having encouraged Gaëtan to keep his secret. When she tells him that it is time for her to return to California, Gaëtan tries to intervene but Noémie asks him to stay out of their business.

Later, Gaëtan tries to change his partner’s mind. Noémie then points out to him that he only cares about Stella and that she has the impression that she no longer exists in his eyes. After having assured her of the contrary, Gaëtan recognizes however that he did it badly. Finding a pity that she cuts ties with her sister for so little, he urges her to take the time to reflect.

Gaëtan then joins Stella and is sure that Noémie will eventually change her mind. For his part, Stella apologizes for putting him in this situation but he replies that it was he who chose to help her before declaring that he will not let her go like this. Relieved, Stella specifies that she no longer has an apartment in Los Angeles and that she does not have enough money to pay for a return ticket. To reassure her, Gaëtan promises her that the situation will get better.

When she questions why he is so nice to her, Gaëtan simply retorts that he likes her. The next moment, they kiss but the young woman quickly puts an end to their kiss. After asking her forgiveness, Gaëtan hastens to leave the premises uncomfortable.

Not intending to hurt her sister, Stella goes to see Gaëtan later at the Table des Rivière and they agree not to say anything to Noémie. The situation having become too complicated, Stella is therefore determined to leave. When Gaëtan says he is ready to help him financially to pay for his ticket, Noémie interrupts them and asks their forgiveness for reacting badly. Once she begged her sister to stay at the salt marshes, Noémie hugs her and tells her how much she loves her.


Maxime finds Ambre questions her to find out why she went to talk to Salomé. While Enzo explains that it is entirely his fault, Maxime indicates that he has no intention of fighting to win her back, then summons his comrades to let him manage his life as he sees fit.

Shortly after, Maxime and Salomé are part of the same brigade for the double A and to drive the point home, Louis forces them to work in pairs. At the end of the service, the latter can not help but titillate them once more. The young woman reminds him that their stories do not concern him, Louis does not seem to want to let go and intends to torture them with his little unhealthy games.

At the end of the day, Salomé and Maxime are in the park. They may be a good team, but working together after their separation was not easy for this former couple. While Maxime admits he misses her a lot, Salomé replies that she feels the same.

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