Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 243 of Wednesday October 6, 2021 – News …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 243 of wednesday october 6, 2021 - news...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Maxime restores the truth, Jasmine accepts to be followed. Louis settles his accounts with his mother.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday October 6 in Here everything begins …


At Teyssier’s request, Ambre posted a message on Instagram clearing Maxime once and for all. Feeling betrayed, Charlene overwhelms her with reproaches and then reminds her how serious what she has done is because many women are harassed every day and no one does anything to help them. Hearing them speak, Enzo joins the conversation to obtain explanations, but Antoine intervenes to beg them to return to class.

Meanwhile, Maxime would like to know who could have thrown the truth to Teyssier. As he openly accuses Celia, Salomé ends up denouncing herself but in no way regrets what she did. Without waiting, the Delcourt son finds Jade and Solal to warn them of the situation.

Not far from there, Charlene and Lionel refuse to let Amber get away with it and decide to openly provoke her in the park. Seeing the young woman being publicly humiliated, Maxime intervenes and takes his defense. Salomé, who attended the scene, confides in Anaïs. If the latter is certain that Maxime is only doing this to redeem himself with Jade, Salomé believes on the contrary that he has fallen in love with Amber.

For his part, the son Delcourt makes a live Instagram to restore the truth and ask his comrades to stop harassing Ambre. After seeing the video, Teyssier, who did not appreciate his student speaking up to defend Ambre, leaves it to Maxime to tell him that she is fired.


Rose meets Jasmine in the park of the institute. Having thought a lot about their discussion last week, Rose offers to meet with her psychiatrist in order to understand the mechanism of her illness. Only, Jasmine does not want a normal life and wants to continue to feel the things of life as she sees fit.

For her part, Deva, whose relationship with Jasmine has still not improved, asks Clotilde to change pairs. The chef Armand then asks Tom to work with Jasmine to the chagrin of the latter who has a hard time cooking with his friend who does not respect the recipe on which they are working. Shortly after, Clotilde intervenes and reminds Jasmine that cooking is above all a team effort. If she wants to have a career, she will have to change her attitude quickly.

Certain that everyone hates her, Jasmine finds Rose to obtain the coordinates of her psychiatrist. She then offers to call her to organize her first meeting and even agrees to accompany her to support her.


In the morning, Claire comes to congratulate her son on his victory the day before. Unfortunately, Louis finds it a bit easy to be on his side now that he’s been successful. While Claire claims to have wanted to protect him from Teyssier’s shenanigans, Louis judges on the contrary that she has done everything possible to complicate his task.

At the same time, Theo is angry with his father for their defeat. Even if his parents are ready to make efforts to respect Charlene’s choice, Theo is unable to resign himself to abandoning his sister in the arms of his rival. When Theo affirms that Louis is ready to do anything to recover the double A or even the management of the institute, Emmanuel retorts that he will not let him do it.

Claire later reads an interview in which her son states that he owes everything to his father and that his mother never supported him. Deeply hurt, Chef Guinot joined him and tried to make him understand that she had done everything to make him happy. However, Louis is convinced that his mother sees him as a competitor and goes so far as to say that she has screwed up her confidence in him. Tired of all these stories, Claire explains that she needs a break before clarifying that she is considering accepting the Tokyo proposal.

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