Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 242 of Tuesday, October 5, 2021 – News …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 242 of tuesday, october 5, 2021 - news...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Salomé takes matters into his own hands, Teyssier’s plan fails. Gaëtan attacks Enzo.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday, October 5 in Here everything begins …


To redeem himself from Jade, Maxime claims that he has found no evidence to exonerate him. Far from being fooled, Teyssier understands that he is trying to protect Ambre. As Maxime refuses to say more, the director finds himself obliged to dismiss him from the institute.

The young man then joins Salomé and confirms to her that Jade has indeed made a suicide attempt. Since she had to give up her dream of becoming a dancer, Delcourt’s son ruled out breaking his sister’s. While Salomé affirms that Amber will have no trouble finding a position as chef, Maxime hopes to repair the damage he has done. Only, Salomé does not appreciate that he plays the knights serving for Amber and reproaches him for not trying to save their couple. When she says she is ready to denounce her in his stead, Maxime begs her not to do it because he needs to redeem himself. Salome then agrees to step aside once more.

Later, Maxime goes to Amber and Solal to tell them that the situation is under control. Despite everything, Amber can’t help but be disagreeable to him. Behavior that Jade doesn’t like. While she’ll never forget what he did to her, that doesn’t mean she’s unable to forgive him. Not needing her sister to defend her, Jade therefore demands that she stop acting on his behalf. For his part, Solal also enjoins his girlfriend to forgive Maxime but she refuses.

Meanwhile, Teyssier and Antoine are certain that Maxime could never have done such a thing. Convinced that he has enough to prove his innocence, Emmanuel seeks Antoine’s help to make him talk. Shortly after, Antoine meets Maxime and urges him to tell him what happened. In vain.

In double A, Salomé blames Ambre for having screwed up Maxime’s life. In return, Amber enjoys provoking her and an argument breaks out. While Salomé is about to hit her, Enzo intervenes to separate them. Warned by the students, Teyssier arrives then encourages Salomé to tell him the truth about Amber. To save Maxime’s place, she ends up telling him the whole story.

Without waiting, the director summons Ambre and the sum to denounce himself on the institute’s Instagram account to exonerate Maxime. Otherwise, he promises to take care of it personally. Indeed, he intends to make her look crazier than she already is and to make her live the three most lonely years of her life. And to assure that this time, his next suicide attempt will not be a scam.


Louis has worked all night on the dish he is to present during the tasting organized at the institute. By tasting the new Guinot recipe, Teyssier is forced to notice that it is very good. His plan having failed, Emmanuel hastens to go see Rose to have her cancel Louis’ presentation. Insofar as most of the chefs have already arrived, the communications manager opposes him with an objection.

During the tasting, the chefs are unanimous in saying that it is a great success. Happy, Louis declares that it is a great honor to be the son of Auguste Armand but that it is also a big pressure for him because it is not so easy to be worthy of him.


Enzo introduces Deva to the Table des Rivière. A tête-à-tête interrupted by Gaëtan who wishes to speak to the young man in private. Furious, the sports teacher then accuses him of having circulated the photos of Stella. Enzo can certify that it is not for nothing, Gaëtan does not care and orders him to do everything to make it stop. And to add that if another student shows up to speak to Stella, it is he who will take for everyone.

Back at the institute, Lionel sees Enzo and teases him for going to Rivière’s table to watch Stella. Overhearing their conversation, Deva questions them about the young woman. Enzo indicates that it is the sister of Noémie but the son Lanneau makes a mistake while evoking his photos. While Deva imagines that her classmate invited her only to see Stella, Enzo tries to make up for it but to no avail. The young man, who is beside himself, therefore attacks Lionel and summons him to stop talking about the photos to everyone.

At the same time, Noémie questions her companion about his altercation with Enzo. On the nerves, Gaëtan claims that they took the head for something which happened at the institute. A behavior that does not please the Chef Matret who prefers to finish cleaning up on her own. At the end of the day, Stella understood that the couple had a fight because of their photos and thanks her brother-in-law for keeping the secret.

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