Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 241 of Monday, October 4, 2021 – News …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 241 of monday, october 4, 2021 - news...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Maxime finds himself confronted with a dilemma following the arrival of Jade in Calvières, Teyssier lies to Louis to push him to make a fool of himself. At the same time, Tom discovers Stella’s secret.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, October 4 in Here everything begins …

Jade asks Maxime not to denounce Ambre

Salomé pushes Maxime to go see Teyssier and show him the SMS exchanged by Solal and Ambre, which proves that the latter wanted to trap him. For her, this is the only way for Maxime to be reinstated. But Maxime first wants to understand what really happened to Jade and why Ambre went so far to make her pay for her behavior at the time.

He ends up confronting her in the alleys of the castle and reveals to her that he knows that Jade is still alive. He asks the young woman for explanations about her behavior, but Charlene intervenes and asks Maxime to leave Amber alone. Maxime then launches Charlene that she will fall from above once she uncovers the truth about her friend.

Outside the institute, Célia makes an appointment with Solal in order to understand how he was able to agree to help Amber orchestrate his revenge. Solal explains to him that he thought that this revenge would do Amber good and that it could perhaps repair it. But he finally admits he was wrong. Solal says he’s ready to do anything to make Celia forgive him, but the two young lovebirds are surprised by Amber who can’t believe Solal has returned to flirt with Celia after giving her Jade’s number.

Solal catches up with Amber and explains to her that he loves Célia and that he could not continue to lie to her. Amber feels like she has been betrayed, but for Solal, this whole thing has gone too far. It is then that Jade arrives in Calvières, to the great surprise of her sister. Solal then explains to his girlfriend that it was he who asked Jade to come, in the hope of calming the situation.

While Salomé and Rose try to reason with him by making him understand that if he does not react he will be fired from the institute the next day by Teyssier, Maxime receives an SMS from Jade who gives him an appointment in a cafe. Seeing her arrive with a crutch, Maxime tries to understand what happened to him. Jade explains to her that once she arrived in Paris, after being completely destroyed by the harassment she had suffered in high school, she took advantage of the absence of her parents and Amber to attempt suicide by jumping by the window.

She explains that, for a year, she went through operations but was never able to regain her mobility. This incident shattered her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Maxime then understands that Amber wasn’t lying: he really ruined Jade’s life. He apologizes for his behavior but Jade points out to him that he has never heard from him yet.

When Maxime evokes Amber’s revenge, Jade assures us that she was not aware of it. But she understands her sister’s actions. She suffered as much as she did in this story. Jade, however, assures Maxime that there is a way for him to redeem himself with her: he must not denounce Amber. Maxime knows that if he says nothing, he will never be able to return to the institute. What will his decision be?

Teyssier lies to Louis to trap him

Claire, for her part, announces to Olivia that the Palace Hotel in Tokyo, one of the biggest stars in the world, has just offered to create their new menu. Olivia is delighted for her partner, but Claire is not sure to accept. She would have to be away for at least two months and the timing is not good. She worries about Louis as the tasting organized by Teyssier approaches. Claire is afraid that her son will crack again.

Later, Claire visits Louis and Charlene in the kitchen and convinces her son to let her taste his revisit of Augustus’ dish. But chef Guinot’s verdict is final: Louis’ dish is too messy, the whole is not complete. For her, it is important to postpone tasting to limit breakage. But Louis refuses to give up.

While tensions begin to appear between Louis and Charlene, Teyssier in turn arrives in the kitchen to taste Louis’ dish and claims that it is not bad. He goes so far as to congratulate Claire’s son on his good job, but Louis does not know what to think. He wonders if Teyssier is not lying so that he makes a fool of himself in front of the bosses. When Charlene asks him what he really thinks of the dish, Louis admits that it is not successful. But he still refuses to admit defeat and postpone the tasting.

Back home, Teyssier takes off the mask and announces to Theo that Louis’ dish is mediocre. Théo thinks that there is still time for Louis to improve his dish, but for Teyssier it would be a miracle if he succeeded. It is certain that Louis will make a fool of himself, that Charlene will get rid of him, and that Theo will soon be the sole boss of Double A.

Tom discovers Stella’s secret

Stella deleted her account, but Lionel confesses to Enzo that he kept some charming photos of the young woman on his phone. Tom, who overhears their conversation, tries to find out who this famous “Nina Vega” is, but Enzo, who has promised Gaëtan to keep this whole story a secret, assures him that it is nobody.

A little later, at the commissary, Tom nevertheless insists with Lionel to find out who Nina Vega is, and Lionel ends up confessing to her that it is Stella, the sister of Noémie Matret, the former pastry teacher. .

Intrigued, Tom goes to the salt marshes and explains to Stella that he makes ASMR cooking videos on the networks and that he would like to offer her a collaboration. Stella initially thinks he’s referring to his fitness videos, but soon realizes that Tom is actually here because of his glamor photos. She then asks him to leave immediately and not to come back.

Stella informs Gaëtan of Tom’s visit and is worried about seeing his photos circulating at the institute. She is sure that Noémie will find out about it in the end. But Gaëtan reassures her: he will take care of silencing Enzo, Lionel, Tom, and all those necessary.

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