Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 236 of Monday, September 27, 2021 – News …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 236 of monday, september 27, 2021 - news...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Amber does everything to get Maxime fired, Hortense helps Eliott. At the same time, Jasmine neglects an injury.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, September 27 in Here everything begins …


The naked photo of Amber went around the institute. Although uncomfortable, the young woman nevertheless finds the courage to go to class. While everyone whispers as he passes, Maxime, who claims to have never taken this photo, seeks to understand how she managed to send it from her Whatsapp account. However, Amber refuses to listen to him and proudly declares that she won’t let him humiliate her.

Convinced that Amber is the only one to have been able to distribute the photo on social networks, Maxime confides in Enzo. As the latter points out that it is impossible that Amber could have taken the photo herself, the son Delcourt quickly realizes that she had an accomplice and wonders if Solal would not have taken his phone during their altercation a few days earlier.

Later, Ambre and Maxime are summoned to the management office where they confront their versions of the facts. When Teyssier specifies that he has no intention of arbitrating their settling of scores, Amber takes it badly and demands that Maxime be fired for what he has done. Only, the principal does not intend to intervene in their quarrel of lovers and orders the student to return to class. A posture that does not please Claire at all who lets her know.

Subsequently, Amber goes to the locker room and waits for Lionel to come out to change. When the young man says that she has nothing more to hide, Amber and Charlene immediately put him back in his place. Once alone, Charlene, who admits to having lived the same ordeal because of a sextape, affirms that she is on her side before adding that she can count on her if she needs anything.

Excluding giving up, Ambre and Charlene decide to take action to bring down Maxime and manage to bring together a few students to put their plan into action. For his part, Enzo tries to make them change their minds but without success.

Meanwhile, Salomé has a hard time believing that Maxime could have humiliated Amber in this way. Insofar as she always had the impression that she was staring at Maxime, Salomé said to herself that Amber could have wanted revenge by sending the photo herself.

To get to the bottom of it, Salomé meets Maxime. If he admits to having made a terrible mistake while sleeping with Amber, he swears however that he is not the author of this stolen picture. Shortly after, their discussion is interrupted by Enzo who summons them to follow him immediately. In the amphitheater, they then discover a good part of the students protesting with signs on which we can read “major harasser, major protected”. While Maxime tries to understand his motivations, Ambre retorts that this is only the beginning and then certifies that she will continue until he is fired from the institute.


In the morning, Emmanuel surprises Eliott dancing in the park. Tired of seeing him waddle at the slightest opportunity, he decides to give him a test the next day. If he has not recovered his taste and smell, he will have to leave the institute.

Particularly pessimistic, Eliott is already seen saying goodbye to his dream. While Greg and Hortense push him to fight, he begs them to stop with their false hopes. As she refuses to see him go, Hortense has unearthed several interesting articles to stimulate her senses. Thus, the young woman offers to stimulate him with his childhood memories. Even if this does not delight him, Eliott still agrees to play the game.

Hortense therefore prepares pancakes with orange blossom, a dessert that Eliott’s mother made for her when her father argued a little too hard. And obviously, the method works since he manages to smell the orange blossom. Moved, he thanks his friend for persevering, then they start trying other dishes to revive his senses.


Jasmine is in a good mood during the cooking class, so much so that she ends up burning her wrist while retrieving her pie from the oven. When Marta insists on looking at her injury, Jasmine assures us that everything is fine and then goes back to work as if nothing had happened. Nevertheless, Clotilde notices that the burn is not superficial and demands that she go immediately to the infirmary.

On the spot, Jasmine lets it be known that she wants to quickly return to the kitchen and urges the nurse. Constance therefore tells him that it is important not to neglect his body and his health. In vain. Jasmine doesn’t care.

Later, Clotilde reports the incident to Rose. A behavior that does not surprise him at all because in the manic phase of bipolarity, the person feels so invincible that the pain becomes mere information. This answer hardly enchants Clotilde who would like the young woman to be treated as quickly as possible.

A few moments later, Rose goes to see Constance to tell her about her suspicions about Jasmine’s state of health. The nurse then contacts her parents to find out if she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but the number given on her card is not the correct one.

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