Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 233 of Wednesday, September 22, 2021 -…

Here it all begins: In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Maxime succumbs to temptation, a new pastry teacher arrives at the institute. Eliott offers dance lessons.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, September 22 in Here everything begins …


Maxime tells Enzo that Salomé wanted revenge by sabotaging her cooking test because she always makes films about Amber. As his friend teases him about his relationship with their comrade, the son Delcourt shines and certifies that nothing is happening between him and Ambre.

Here it all begins
Here it all begins

For her part, Salomé is preparing for the second round of the truffle competition. Even if Anaïs reminds her that she cheated to get there, the young woman refuses to give up so close to the goal and even less for a man who cheated on her. Certain that she is on the wrong track, Anaïs advises her to make up for it before losing Maxime forever.

In full doubt, Salomé has difficulty concentrating during the test and has a series of errors. Chef Guinot then asks him to pull himself together and give everything for this final. Announced as the big winner with Kelly, however, Salomé refuses first place and then leaves the room in a hurry. So Enzo and Deva win the competition.

Shortly after, Claire joins Salomé to understand what happened. Back to the wall, the young woman admits that she sabotaged Maxime’s ordeal to disqualify him. Chef Guinot lectures him but nevertheless agrees to pass in the towel this time. Subsequently, Salomé apologizes to her niece but the latter does not hold it against her. While the latter ensures that the situation with Maxime will eventually get better, Salomé, who has tears in her eyes, does not have the words to answer.

Meanwhile, Maxime confirms to Amber that Salomé knowingly sent them into the wall. Although he has not broken up with his girlfriend, he admits however that he does not want to see her at all. As Ambre thinks he is at the origin of all these tensions, the son Delcourt certifies the opposite before ending the conversation by specifying that he has no desire to talk about it. To change his mind, Ambre invites him to join Célia, Solal and her for a picnic in the salt marshes.

During the picnic, Ambre wants to spend some time alone with Maxime and suggests that he take a walk. And it will not take long for the young woman to take action. As she kisses him, Maxime interrupts their kiss by declaring that it is not a good idea. But when she insists by making him understand that he really pleases her and that she wants him, Maxime succumbs to temptation.


Looking for a pastry teacher to replace Noémie, Teyssier wants to hire Zacharie Landiras, a former student of the institute elected best pastry chef in the world in 2019. An idea that does not at all please Clotilde who does not see him as being the right fit for the job because of his oversized ego. It was a waste of time because Zacharie accepted Emmanuel’s proposal without even having an interview.

For their part, the students are delighted to have such a pastry genius as a teacher. Except Medhi who is a bit jealous. Later, Zacharie is encrusted in the pastry course given by Emmanuel. Delighted to find his protégé, Teyssier is full of praise for his new colleague, much to Mehdi’s dismay.


Still troubled by Solal’s proposal to move in together, Célia confides in Eliott and Hortense. Indeed, she always has trouble with the concept of polyamory which ultimately anguishes her a lot. Insofar as she would like to be able to stop thinking for a few moments, Eliott plays some music and asks her to dance to forget about her problems.

Having particularly enjoyed the exercise, Hortense advises her friend to give dance lessons at the institute to help the students decompress. Fired up by the idea, Eliott shares his project with Antoine, who accepts. Eliott then gave his first lesson in the park. Unfortunately, this does not please Teyssier at all who threatens to withdraw five points in the next evaluations to all those who are caught dancing in the park.

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