Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 224 of Thursday, September 9, 2021 – News …

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 224 of thursday, september 9, 2021 - news...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott takes a radical decision, Louis and Charlene reconcile. At the same time, Salomé has doubts.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday September 9 in Here everything begins …


Following Lionel’s revelations, Greg makes an appointment with Eliott to find out what he intends to do. If he believes that the only way to put an end to Lionel’s arsonist impulses is to denounce him, Greg thinks on the contrary that it would not change anything. According to him, it would be better to find a professional to help him. Unable to let go of his friend who has always been there for him, Greg begs Eliott not to make him choose. Unfortunately, he makes her understand that it has already been done.

For his part, Lionel tells Kelly the truth about the fires. Very in love with him, she shows unfailing support. Later, Greg finds Lionel and accuses him of having hidden the fire in Villeurbanne from him. Wishing to come to her aid at the risk of his marriage, he encouraged her to come and talk to him if his impulses returned. Meanwhile, Eliott hesitates to denounce Lionel. If he wants to preserve his marriage, he knows very well that he must not say anything, which does not please Célia and Hortense at all, who try to comfort him. In vain.

Shortly after, Eliott crosses paths with Lionel in the park. Very upset, the young man accuses him of wasting his life. Lionel may admit that he has a problem, Eliott does not want to hear anything and continues to overwhelm him with reproaches. As they are about to come to blows, Antoine intervenes and immediately summons them to his office. Against all odds, Eliott remains silent and only claims to be on edge with everything that is going on right now.

Warned by Lionel, Greg joins Eliott in the park to thank him for protecting his friend. After spending the day wondering how he could have defended Lionel given what he did to him, Eliott came to the conclusion that Greg didn’t love him enough for their story to continue. He then puts an end to their relationship.


Following her argument with Louis, Charlene spent the night with her parents to the delight of the whole family. Although he does not carry the Guinot son in his heart, Emmanuel assures his daughter that he will never be happy to see her sad. He then tells her that she is a good girl and that if Louis is not able to realize it, it will be too bad for him.

For his part, Louis understood that he had gone much too far with Charlene. Very much in love with her, he confides to his mother that she is his soul mate. Certain that Charlene shares her feelings, Claire encourages her son to put his ego aside to find a way to be forgiven.

He therefore joins Charlene in the pastry class, climbs onto a work surface and then makes a declaration of love to her in front of the whole assembly. On disembarking, Teyssier orders him to leave immediately. Before he leaves the premises, Charlene launches in turn that she loves him and then kisses him passionately to the chagrin of her father.

Later, Emmanuel reports to his wife that Louis and Charlene have reconciled. Although it is hard to believe it, the pastry chef must nevertheless face the facts. The more they try to pull them apart, the closer they get. As a result, Constance and Emmanuel have no choice but to accept that Louis will stay in their daughter’s life.


In the morning, Solal accompanies Ambre and Célia to the institute. Determined to attract Maxime in his nets, Ambre put on her 31 but Célia reminds him that he is in a relationship with Salomé. Despite everything, Ambre is convinced that things can change, especially since they have to work in pairs for a good part of the year.

Thereafter, Claire gives a course to the three promos of the establishment. By order of Teyssier, Ambre and Maxime are assigned to work as a team. Very quickly, they show themselves to be particularly accomplices, which does not escape Salomé who looks at them out of the corner of his eye. The duo, which is complementary, brilliantly cooks a dish which earned them congratulations from chef Guinot. Ambre then thanks Maxime and confides that she loved working with him.

At the end of the lessons, Salomé questions Célia about Amber and Solal. If she had simple suspicions until now, she understands that Amber tries to sting Maxime from her when her friend tells her that the young woman is polyamorous. To avoid conflicts, Célia claims that Amber never told her about Delcourt’s son.

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