Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 223 of Wednesday, September 8, 2021 -…

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 223 of wednesday, september 8, 2021 -...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Eliott learns the truth, Louis has a fit of jealousy in Charlene. For their part, Rose and Antoine make a decision.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday September 8 in Here everything begins …


The teaching team got together and made an important decision. Eliott will not be able to return to classes and cooking until he has recovered his taste and smell. A blow for the young man who will have to content himself with providing room service until further notice. If his faculties do not return, Teyssier is formal and his place at the institute will be compromised. As a result, the director of the establishment urges him to quickly think of another career alternative.

With tears in his eyes, Eliott tells Greg the bad news. Certain that he will recover, this one pushes him to continue to fight. Unfortunately, Eliott no longer believes it. Very in love with him, Greg then said he was ready to leave the institute for him. Words that comfort Eliott.

Later, Hortense and Célia inform Eliott that Stéphane could be the author of the fire. After doing research on the net, the two young women discovered on social networks a group created in 2008 in which the neighbors of the Lanneau had openly accused him of having intentionally set fire to their apartment in Villeurbanne. Moreover, the police had arrested Lionel’s father before releasing him.

Shortly after, Eliott and Hortense meet Kelly and then tell her about it. If they think that Lionel is covering his father, Kelly does not believe it for a second and considers that her boyfriend would have told her about it.

Despite everything, Kelly has doubts and decides to question Stéphane who explains that the fire in Villeurbanne was a great disaster in which they lost everything. And to claim that the fire had probably started because of a power failure. As she asks him many questions, he swears that it has nothing to do with that of the institute. When Lionel surprises them, Kelly reveals to him that Eliott suspects Stéphane of being the author of the fire.

Not far from there, Eliott shares his discoveries with Greg but their discussion is interrupted by Lionel. The son Lanneau, who is encouraged by his friend, ends up admitting that he is responsible for the fire in Villeurbanne but also that of the common room.

Shaken, Eliott blames Greg for hiding the truth from him. Caught between his best friend and the man he loves, Greg has been overwhelmed by events and apologizes to him. Although he is very much in love with him, Greg begs Eliott not to denounce Lionel because their couple would not survive.


Louis has watched the video of his girlfriend with Tom and is having a fit of jealousy. She then assures him that he is only a friend and then kisses him tenderly before leaving for class. Claire, who witnessed the scene, urges her son to stop his paranoid and trust him.

Later, Tom proposes a new collaboration to Charlene but she prefers to wait a little longer because of Louis’ jealousy. When Tom tries to kiss him, Charlene prevents him from doing so, then clears things up with him before leaving the premises furious.

Tom later meets Emmanuel to end their deal. His student may say that Charlene will never leave Louis because she is madly in love with him, Teyssier is convinced of the contrary and threatens to make him see all the colors if he does not do what he says. Nothing helps, Tom sticks to his positions and refuses to continue to manipulate people. Teyssier then promises to make him regret it.

For her part, Salomé goes to the Guinots and reports to Louis the incident that occurred with Tom. Louis being unpleasant, she goes back to her parents.


Anaïs and Salomé take advantage of being alone in the locker room to search the lockers of their comrades in the hope of finding a clue as to the identity of Naël’s mother. Unfortunately for them, Guillaume surprises them and summons them to the management office.

Insofar as Guillaume plans to sanction them, Antoine declares that all this is his fault because he exaggerated on the state of health of the baby to find the mother of Naël. Understanding that his colleague is obsessed with this story, Guillaume lectures him.

Upon returning, Antoine apologizes to Rose and guarantees never to do it again. After having thought about it for a long time, Rose feels that it is time for them to respect Naël’s mother’s decision and that they do not have to force her to reconnect with her son. According to her, their role is now to take care of the baby, which Antoine accepts.

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