Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 221 of Monday, September 6, 2021

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 221

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Lionel explains to Greg, Teyssier threatens Tom. At the same time, Antoine has a plan to help Naël.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday September 6 in Here everything begins


Stéphane receives good news since he was hired as a security guard at the institute. If he is excited about the idea of ​​starting in his new functions, Lionel refuses to return to school for fear that Greg has denounced him to the principal. Convinced that he has kept the secret, Stéphane urges his son to return to the institute, especially as his absence could appear suspicious in the eyes of his comrades.

Before the start of the lessons, Antoine brings the students together to inform them that the security of the establishment has been reinforced. He then introduces them to Stéphane and then encourages them to go see him if they have the slightest concern. While the vigil promises Eliott that he has no more fears to be had, Greg says that the damage has already been done.

Later, Stéphane questions Greg to find out what he plans to do about Lionel and plays the guilt card to prevent him from speaking. Seeing that this does not work, he begs him to give his son a chance to explain himself in the name of their friendship.

Against all odds, Greg meets Lionel in the common room where they have a heart-to-heart discussion. The latter therefore evokes the ailments from which he has suffered since childhood and says that he burns things to get rid of his nerves as well as his anger. Even though he had managed to control his impulses so far, the anniversary of his mother’s death sparked another crisis. Understanding, Greg reproaches him however for not having understood the gravity of the situation and especially for having put several lives in danger. While he tries to understand why he did not try to put out the fire, Lionel replies that in the face of the flames he can do nothing.

When Greg encourages him to denounce himself, Lionel retorts that he refuses to jeopardize his career and then swears that he can still change. Unfortunately, Greg doesn’t care and threatens to reveal the truth for him if he were to remain silent.

Soon after, Greg joined Eliott in the infirmary. No longer able to stand to stay in his room, he announces his intention to resume classes. Greg thinks it’s a bit early but Constance accepts as long as he’s careful. As he is determined to recover the taste and smell as quickly as possible, Eliott also decides to do without his oxygen cylinder.

He then hastens to go to the kitchen where he prepares a monkfish for the course of the chef Guinot but it is a real failure. A disappointment for the young man who understands that if the taste does not come back to him, he will have to say goodbye to his career in the kitchen.


Suffering from an outbreak of multiple sclerosis for several days, Emmanuel decided to consult a doctor. As the pastry chef has a lot of work, he gets corticosteroids in tablet form which should make the symptoms go away within a few days. This treatment may have some side effects, Emmanuel prefers it rather than wasting his time in the hospital giving injections. For his part, Constance would have liked him to lift his foot a little.

Back at the institute, Emmanuel goes to see Tom to find out about his decision. While the young man intends to stay at the institute thanks to his talents, Teyssier blackmailed him and threatened to destroy his career if he did not accept the market.

Back to the wall, Tom offers Charlene to form a duet on her next video, to which she enthusiastically nods. Noticing her father’s trembling hands during her lesson, the young woman returns home and questions her mother. When she learns that he has had a relapse of multiple sclerosis, she is particularly concerned. To help her father get better, Constance advises him to spend more time at home to support him. Charlene swears to think about it.


Worried about Naël who sleeps a lot and struggles to take his bottle, Rose and Antoine accompany him to the infirmary. If the nurse does not see any physiological problem, she fears on the other hand that the little boy will have serious emotional consequences linked to the abandonment of his mother.

Antoine, who is determined to find the mother of the baby, wants to make known the state of health of the little boy so that the mother reacts. Only, Rose does not intend to make a young woman feel guilty, who must already feel bad.

In order to help Naël, Antoine talks about his idea to Constance. Even if she thinks it’s a bit borderline, she still encourages him to give it a try to find out the identity of the baby’s mother. Without waiting, Antoine puts his plan into action. By jostling Anaïs, the principal claims to have his head elsewhere because of Naël’s state of health. After surprising him, Rose is afraid it will scare the baby’s mother away when she learns the truth.

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