Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 219 of Thursday, September 2, 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Lionel confesses the truth to his father, the Teyssiers cut off Charlene’s food. Rose confronts Jasmine.

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 219 of thursday, september 2, 2021 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday September 2 in Here everything begins …


Lionel is summoned to the management office because a student saw him take a blue scarf from the lingerie. The young man then indicates that he lost his, but denies being the cause of the fire. Even if Guillaume is convinced that he has been lying from the start, Antoine does not want to make the same mistake by wrongly accusing him again.

Shortly after, Lionel arrives late for the Guinot chef. While Greg wonders where he was, Tom reveals that his comrade was summoned to the principal’s office to explain himself about the scarf he took from the lingerie. And when Tom wonders about the link that this could have with the fire, Lionel takes it badly and puts it in its place.

But badly done because Greg begins to ask questions. Completely lost, he confronts his friend who recounts that his scarf was found in the common room before swearing it has nothing to do with the fire. As he has confidence in himself, the son Delobel believes in it hard as iron.

Afterwards, it’s Kelly’s turn to come see Lionel. Although she heard the rumors circulating within the establishment, the young woman refuses that he is justified and assures that he is not alone. And to remind her that he can count on her before reaffirming his love for her.

For his part, Eliott is released from the hospital and will now have to live with an oxygen cylinder. While his family is still not aware of what is happening to him, the young man does not intend to warn them because he still has not digested to be kicked out. Back at the institute, Eliott seeks to learn more about the ongoing investigation. Greg and Celia him this last Lionel behind the door.

At worst, he returns home and confesses to his father that he is at the origin of the fire. Since his problems with the fire have resurfaced in recent weeks, Lionel is afraid to do it again. To prevent him from taking action again and keep an eye on him, Stéphane fully intends to apply for the post of security guard at the institute.


Determined to separate Louis and Charlene, Teyssier has made the decision to cut off food for his daughter as long as she lives with son Guinot.

Penniless, the young woman plans to do some extras on weekends to replenish her bank account. Louis, who knows full well that the third year requires a lot of work, says he is ready to offer her whatever she desires. Even though she is afraid that this will create an imbalance in their relationship, she nevertheless consents to her boyfriend coming to her aid.

Excluding giving in to Emmanuel’s blackmail, the couple find the Teyssiers. To give them a good lesson, Charlene returns her credit card to her parents, specifying that she no longer needs them. When Louis declares that he will ensure the minimum for them, Emmanuel implies that his daughter behaves like a whore. Words that deeply hurt Charlene.

With their backs to the wall, the Teyssier couple seek help from Claire. Sadly, she refuses to intervene in her son’s love affair and encourages his friends to come to terms with their relationship. When Emmanuel alludes to Louis’ toxic character, Claire calls them out of her kitchen.


In order to find out more about Jasmine, Rose goes to double A to question Lisandro about her. While the classroom teacher did not notice anything strange, Anaïs specifies that she saw the young woman collapse in tears after the service on Monday.

Rose then joins Jasmine in the gardens of the institute. After making sure she is okay, she shows him the pacifier wrap that was found under her bed. Jasmine then affirms that she is not Naël’s mother then asks Rose to leave her alone.

During the service, Anaïs notices that Jasmine is less cheerful than usual. The latter tells him about Rose’s suspicions. As Anaïs quickly understands that something else is bothering her, Jasmine simply indicates that she has trouble coping with the pressure from the institute.

For her part, Rose is certain that Jasmine is Naël’s mother.

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