Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 216 of Monday, August 30, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 216 of monday, august 30, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … Eliott finds himself in the hospital after the fire started by Lionnel. For her part, Ambre fell under the spell of Maxime, and Jasmine made a mistake during her first double A serve.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, August 30 in Here everything begins …

Lionnel feels guilty towards Eliott

Following the accidental fire that Lionnel started, Eliott is found unconscious by Lionnel in the middle of the flames. From the amount of smoke he inhaled, he suffered severe bronchial burns. Lionnel joins Greg at Eliott’s bedside at the hospital, and tries to cheer up his friend who is angry with himself for not having come to his companion in time. But Greg is unaware that Lionnel is at the origin of the fire, and that he did not rescue Eliott when he entered the room plagued by flames.

At the institute, the firefighters finish their intervention on the scene of the disaster and question Antoine and Teyssier. If the accidental lead is favored following the discovery of the half-consumed candle left by Lionnel, the pedagogical manager cannot help but think of an arson after the explosion which targeted the institute a few months earlier. However, he decides not to worry the students by keeping them informed of the origin of the fire if it turns out to be intentional.

For his part, Lionnel tries somehow to hide his concern about Eliott from Kelly. The latter, who is about to start his first course at the institute, tries to reassure him but does not know that he feels guilty following the accident.

While Greg takes it into his head to find the author of the fire to make him pay for Eliott’s injuries and Lionnel tries to calm him down, they meet the latter’s father in the park of the institute. After inquiring about the young man’s condition, Lionnel’s father asks him if he is the cause of the fire, and if it has started again. Because, he reminds him, one of his past actions almost cost the lives of his sisters …

Amber falls for Maxime

During the first pastry class for the first year students, Teyssier chose to have them make a key dessert by Auguste Armand: a pear with angel hair. To assist him in the execution, he asks Maxime to take care of the caramel sculpture.

If the director, once is not customary, is benevolent towards the impeccable execution of Maxime, he is on the other hand ruthless with the new promotion, and assures them that he will drool over it during his classes to achieve excellence. , and that those who would complain could go back to baking “good woman” for the children. Amber, annoyed by her remarks, complains to Kelly, and Teyssier immediately puts her in her place.

During the lesson, Maxime comes to ask Ambre how she feels after Teyssier’s sexist comments. The young girl reassures him and salutes his feminist spirit, to which Maxime replies that it is normal to want equality between men and women today.

After class, Ambre debriefs her pastry class with Solal and Célia. If she is outraged by Teyssier’s criticisms, she is full of praise for Maxime. Solal asks her if she is attracted to him, and Amber admits that the young man’s cooking skills and his feminist side do not displease him. Célia then moderates the ardor of her friend, and tells her that Maxime is in an exclusive relationship with Salomé. But Ambre does not dismantle so far, and retorts that she does not mind sharing. Célia makes him understand that Salomé will not be of the same opinion as she …

Jasmine makes a mistake on her first serve

After the pastry course, the first years meet at the double A for their first lunch service in the dining room. Jasmine, who arrived as a major in the competition, is particularly motivated and full of good will, and is noticed by Lisandro. He appreciates the enthusiasm and the desire to prove his worth on the part of the young student.

But once inside, Jasmine does too much. While a client hesitates between the two daily specials, a sea bass and a chicken, the student is full of praise for the fish. The client finally advises for the poultry. Jasmine then insists, assuring him that the bar is a delight. The client then loses patience, and reproaches him for wanting to make him forced sale.

Feeling sheepish, Jasmine tries to make up for it by serving the two plates to her client, telling her that the bar is offered to her so that she can taste the two plays. Astonished, the client accepts and thanks her, while ensuring that she will not have to pay for the fish.

At the end of the service, Lisandro notices an error in the addition of Jasmine’s table, seeing that one of the two dishes has not been invoiced. When Jasmine explains her gesture to him, the butler cannot believe it. He sharply reprimands the student, and forbids him to allow himself again to offer free dishes to the customers.

Seeing Jasmine very downcast following Lisandro’s remonstrances, Noémie tries to console her and minimize the facts: after all, she is here to learn. But Jasmine gets carried away and leaves crying, accusing herself of constantly making mistakes …

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