Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 214 of Thursday, August 26, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 214 of thursday, august 26, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Kelly, Ambre, and Solal pass the last particularly tough test of the contest, Rose and Constance confront Léna about Naël. Lionel, for his part, is disappointed with Greg.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 26 in Here everything begins …

Kelly, Ambre, and Solal pass the last test of the competition

Before passing the final cooking test, Ambre is very stressed. Solal, confident, thinks that they will both be taken and that it is Kelly who will fail. Celia advises her new friends to stay focused and not let stress overwhelm them. She adds that she would be very sad if they left.

Teyssier summons Ambre, Solal, and Kelly in his office and announces to them that he has decided to make the final test more difficult, because it does not really amuse him to pick up “weak links”. The event will therefore take place in public, in the amphitheater, which will allow the jury to see how they manage the pressure. Teyssier adds that they will have to perform a recipe by Auguste Armand. Kelly then understands that it will be a written recipe and seems annoyed.

She then confides in Salomé that she is sure to miss the test, with the stress and the pressure. Louis arrives at the same time and Kelly admits to him that she has reading difficulties. The Guinot son couldn’t get over it and made Salomé and his niece understand that he would have liked to have been informed beforehand.

Later, Louis, Claire, and Antoine attempt to plead Kelly’s case and ask Emmanuel to make an effort and adapt the ordeal for her. But Teyssier refuses, on the pretext that the candidates must know how to read and write. Antoine is certain that Kelly will be able to fill her gaps very quickly if she is admitted to the institute. But Teyssier does not budge: if Kelly wants to enter school, she must prove herself, like everyone else.

Kelly, who does not want to be publicly humiliated, wishes to give up. But Laetita convinces her not to let go and to fight to the end. She is sure her daughter can do it. So, when the time comes, when everyone is gathered in the amphitheater and Teyssier thinks that Kelly will not come, the young woman ends up presenting herself to the test.

Auguste Armand’s recipe that Amber, Solal, and Kelly must reproduce is a fillet of lamb cooked in a crust of Camargue salt and rosemary, roasted red beets on the skin, and sage in tempura. Salomé admits to Laetitia that the event is quite technical. The candidates have two hours to make the dish. Kelly resists the pressure quite well and manages to finish her dish on time.

Once the test is over, the jury proceeds to the tasting. Clotilde comes to the conclusion that there are pros and cons in every plate. The leaders will therefore meet and deliberate. Teyssier then announces to all the candidates that the results will be communicated to them the next day.

Léna is not Naël’s mother

Rose cannot reach Léna Guibert, the candidate who abandoned the competition and whom she suspects of being Naël’s mother. She suggests to Constance to go to Bordeaux, to the address indicated in the young woman’s file, but Constance thinks that is exaggerated. For Teyssier’s wife, we must now let the ASE do it and accept that Léna may not be ready to take care of a child.

Fortunately, Antoine finds Lena’s trace in a small hotel located not far from the school, on the square. Rose and Constance go to meet her and manage to speak to her as she is about to leave Calvières. The two women explain to Lena that they know she is Naël’s mother. Lena is stunned, she wonders if it’s a joke.

Constance thinks she quit high school last year because she was pregnant, but Lena assures us that is not the case. She then reveals to them that she was actually kicked out of high school for stealing computer equipment. She got three months of community service. Rose apologizes, she blames herself for being wrong. Once Léna leaves, Constance confides in Rose that they no longer have a choice: they must entrust Naël to social services.

Lionel gives Greg a fit of jealousy

The Lanneaus have been waiting for Lionel for an hour to go to the cemetery, but the young man is unreachable. Zoe is very angry with her brother who has already abandoned them the day before in the middle of a dinner organized in honor of their mother.

Stéphane, Lionel’s father, goes to the institute in the hope of finding his son there, and he comes across Greg who apologizes for not being able to come to dinner yesterday. Stéphane confides to his son’s best friend that he is worried about Lionel. He then asks Greg if Lionel sometimes talks about his mother, and Greg replies that even if the young man does not talk about it so much, the death of his mother remains a very heavy ordeal for him to bear.

Greg ends up finding Lionel in the commissary. The latter plays with a lighter. Greg tries to get him to confide, but Lionel attacks him. He blames her for being away yesterday, when he was having one of the worst evenings of his life. Lionel has the impression that his best friend is constantly abandoning him in favor of Eliott, that it is only their couple that counts. Greg is surprised that Lionel is giving him a fit of jealousy, and Lionel leaves after telling Greg that he cannot understand and that he no longer wants to see him.

Later, Greg thinks back to what Lionel told him and confides in Eliott that he blames himself for having let him down the day before. He’s afraid his best friend won’t forgive him. But Eliott is convinced that it will pass to him. Greg ends up explaining to his boyfriend the reason for Lionel’s discomfort.

Lionel feels guilty. His mother had a stroke three years ago, and Lionel was not there when it happened. He was in Patagonia with Greg and his father. Stéphane Lanneau took a long time to reach his son because of the network. And when he finally managed to call Lionel, it was too late, his mother was already dead. Lionel was therefore extremely angry. He couldn’t say goodbye to his mother.

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