Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 211 on Monday August 23, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 211 on monday august 23, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Teyssier changes the rules of the contest at the last minute, Claire discovers the schemes of Kelly and Salomé. At the same time, Rose and Antoine find a baby in the vegetable garden.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday 23 August in Here everything begins …

Teyssier changes the rules of the entrance exam

It’s a great day at the Auguste Armand Institute: the entrance exam tests begin today. In the queue, Amber struggles to hide his stress, but Solal reminds him that they are one step ahead of the other candidates since they trained with Celia.

Salomé, who knows that Kelly does not have the authorization to take the competition, adds the name of her niece by hand on the list of registrants. But that’s when Charlene arrives to take over from Salomé at reception and asks Kelly for her summons. Kelly pretends to dig in her bag to save time, but luckily Charlene’s attention is diverted by the presence in the line of Tom Azem, a YouTuber who makes ASMR cooking videos. Impressed by his presence here, she forgets Kelly and Salomé takes the opportunity to give the competition to her niece.

Further in the park, Greg is surprised to find an old acquaintance, Jasmine, who worked in Chef Delobel’s restaurant, and who is there to take the competition. He introduces her to Eliott, her boyfriend, and does not seem delighted to see Jasmine unload at the institute, adding that she is “completely crazy”, in reference to her whimsical and supercharged side.

Enzo, for his part, crosses paths with Deva, another candidate, in the aisles of the institute, and does not hesitate to give her a charming number. However, he soon discovers that Deva is the little protégé of Clotilde Armand, who also arrives at the same time to wish the young woman good luck for the competition.

A little later, the candidates for the competition are gathered in the amphitheater. Teyssier gives them a speech and reminds them in particular that, if there are 100 today, only 20 of them will be accepted in the first year. Antoine intervenes and tries to reassure them. They all have their chances. Myriel then tells them about the competition: they will take the cooking test today, then the 50 candidates selected at the end of it will be entitled to a pastry test tomorrow.

Only, Teyssier has an announcement to make: there has been a change of program. The cooking test will take place tomorrow, and the pastry test on Wednesday. And today, the candidates will take the indoor test. Everyone is surprised by this change in the rules, Antoine included, but Teyssier emphasizes that a good cook must be able to adapt. He ends his speech by announcing that the final results will be released on Thursday.

Claire discovers Kelly and Salomé’s shenanigans

Before the indoor test, Lisandro gives some advice to the candidates and explains to them that they will be graded on their sense of contact and their culinary knowledge. As for the dishes that will be offered, they will be emblematic dishes of Double A. Solal asks who will be the test customers and Lisandro reveals that the customers will be played by the members of the jury. Including the director, Chef Teyssier. A news that anguishes Kelly.

While Jasmine and Solal pass their ordeal, Kelly draws the red card, which means that she will be judged by Teyssier and the chef Armand. Tom, meanwhile, draws the blue card, which corresponds to the jury made up of Claire and Louis. Understanding that Tom is very sure of himself and that he is not afraid of Teyssier, Kelly offers to exchange their boxes, and he accepts.

Louis recognizes Kelly and remembers that Teyssier had forbidden him to take the competition. Kelly assures us that he has changed his mind. The test begins, and Kelly is stressed, destabilized by the presence a few meters away from Teyssier, who fortunately turns his back on her. Even if she made a rather good impression on the jury, Claire points out to her son that Kelly seemed in a hurry to get it over with.

Claire therefore leaves to see Salomé and asks to see Kelly’s summons. She quickly understands that Salomé sneaked her niece into the competition. Salome tries to plead Kelly’s cause, but Claire asks her to stop meddling in this story. After all, Salome could get fired if that happened.

In the park, Ambre confides to Célia and Solal that she has come across Chef Teyssier and Chef Armand, and that she is convinced that she has failed the test. Solal, on the contrary, is confident and very happy with himself. Annoyed, Amber asks her to stop telling it to herself and leaves.

On the way back to the salt marshes, Célia tries to boost Solal’s morale, who is angry with herself and is afraid that Amber will not be taken in the school. Celia advises the young man not to think about it, and Solal takes his hand. But Célia is still embarrassed. She cannot bring herself to share it with Amber. But, of course, she admits that if Solal weren’t in a relationship, things would be different.

Kelly tells Lionel that his ordeal went well. She is happy with herself, especially since Teyssier did not realize anything. But Claire comes knocking on the Rigaut’s door and confronts Kelly about her fraud. Kelly begs her to give him a chance, but Claire refuses to lie to Teyssier. She announces to Kelly that if she presents herself for the test the next day she will refuse him entry.

Guillaume wonders about the future of his couple

Clotilde learned what happened Friday between Guillaume and Joachim and apologizes to her ex-lover for the behavior of her husband who has totally twisted. Guillaume joins them and gives his check for his balance of any account to Joachim. The latter expected an apology and suggests to Guillaume that he could file a complaint or, worse, hit him. Clotilde intervenes and asks Joachim not to make matters worse. Now that he has got his check, he can go.

Once alone, Clotilde explains to her husband that she supported him in front of Joachim because she has some responsibility in this story. She tries all the same to make him understand that he could have killed Joachim, to which Guillaume replies that he has gone mad because he was thinking of her in Joachim’s arms. Clotilde swears once more to Guillaume that it is him that she loves and that it was purely physical with Joachim. But Guillaume doesn’t want to hear anything.

Later, he confides in Antoine that he is ashamed of his behavior. He blames himself for having slipped to this point with Joachim on Friday. Antoine is sure that things will work out between Guillaume and his wife now that Joachim is gone, but Guillaume is not sure he can forgive Clotilde for his betrayal.

Antoine and Rose make an unexpected discovery

In the vegetable garden, Antoine and Rose hear the tears of an infant and discover that a baby in a bassinet has been placed in the greenhouse. Inside the bassinet, Rose finds a note on which is written: “Hello, I am Nael. My mom cannot take care of me. Please adopt me”.

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