Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 210 of Friday, August 20, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 210 of friday, august 20, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis refuses to give up, Clotilde ends up confessing everything to Guillaume. Kelly, for her part, seems ready to do anything to pass the entrance exam. And Maxime learns terrible news.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday August 20 in Here everything begins …

Clotilde confesses the truth to Guillaume

Charlène spent the night with Louis. She goes home to her parents to pick up some things for the weekend and tells them that she is going to live with Claire and Louis. Teyssier is firmly opposed to this idea, but Charlène does not care about his opinion. She can no longer bear to live with a manipulator like him. When Theo, still very angry with his sister, points out to Charlene that she should not reverse the roles in this story, the latter informs him that their father has offered Louis his position as chef at Double A so that he left him.

Constance defends Emmanuel and explains that she supported his decision. The most important thing for them was to do something to break Louis and Charlene. But Theo, disgusted, prefers to leave the room.

Later, in the kitchens of Double A, Constance tries to calm things down with her son. But Theo is angry with him. He simply has the impression that in the eyes of his parents, Charlene’s love life is more important than his career. He has the feeling that he will always come after Charlene. Despite everything she has done in recent days, she remains Emmanuel’s little princess. Constance assures Theo that even if things have always been more complicated between his father and him, Emmanuel loves him. But Theo is disappointed. He confesses to his mother that he can no longer prove himself for someone who will never respect him.

Louis meets Teyssier and Clotilde in the park and explains to them that he needs recognition. He would like to get something that can remind him that he is an Armand. It is his condition to stop blackmailing Clotilde. The latter agrees to think about it but has no idea. And unfortunately, Teyssier no longer wishes to remember it.

Having to fend for herself, she turns to Rose. And his sister then advises him to confess everything to Guillaume about his infidelity. Especially since the latter begins to have doubts since he told Antoine.

In order to separate Louis and Charlene, Teyssier asks for Claire’s help. But chef Guinot does not want to get involved and points out to her that their children are in love with each other, it is obvious. According to her, if Teyssier tries to make war on them, Charlene will get even closer to Louis and he will lose her for good. Claire then suggests that Teyssier take a step towards Louis to calm things down. For example by offering him a place on the jury for the entrance examination.

Louis accepts the proposal and Teyssier swears that he will leave Charlene and him alone. But once Emmanuel leaves, Louis confides to his girlfriend that this consolation prize is not enough. He will not give up the Double A.

Clotilde, for her part, cannot back down. She ends up confessing to Guillaume that she cheated on him with Joachim. She swears that she is not in love with Marta’s brother and that they have only slept together once, but Guillaume, injured, does not know what to believe. He tells his wife that she never stops lying and betraying him. He can’t take it anymore. Clotilde begs him not to leave her, but Guillaume replies that he needs to be alone.

He then goes to confront Joachim in the park of the institute and insults him. Guillaume begins to push Joachim and be violent, before knocking him to the ground and swearing that he is going to kill him.

Kelly refuses to admit defeat

Antoine is surprised to have found Kelly’s entry form in the pile of applications and asks Teyssier if he has changed his mind about the competition. But the director of the institute does not understand what the principal is talking to him about and comes to the conclusion that Kelly has, once again, plotted to achieve his ends. News that disappoints him because he was about to change his mind about Kelly after tasting her cooking.

Laetitia and Kelly are summoned to Teyssier’s office. The latter accuses Kelly of having defrauded by slipping his candidacy into the pile of registrations, but Kelly swears that it has nothing to do with it. Laetitia ends up denouncing herself and begs Teyssier to let Kelly pass the competition anyway. But Teyssier refuses. Kelly, annoyed, leaves the office in tears.

Later, Lionel comes to console Kelly who, furious, launches at her mother that she wasted all her chances of passing the competition. Laetitia apologizes to him and tries to reassure her. She will still be able to take the competition next year. But Kelly refuses to give up and promises to succeed in passing the competition. Whatever the cost.

Maxime receives a disturbing call from his sister

The last day of Maxime and Salomé’s internship at La Gardiane has arrived. For the occasion, Salomé has created a new dessert for the restaurant menu: apples with sage cream. Jean-Pierre and Sylvie are won over by the recipe. They thank their daughter and her boyfriend for their work and let them know that they are now home here. They can come and visit them whenever they want.

Maxime and Salomé then meet Hortense, Mehdi, and Célia at the institute, and Célia has an idea: she proposes to organize a party the same evening with her grandparents to celebrate the end of summer. At the end of the day, in the salt marshes, Maxime and Salomé meet Amber and Solal. Amber seems under the spell of Maxime, but Celia assures him that she has no chance. Between Maxime and Salomé, it’s more than solid.

During the evening, while the party is in full swing, Maxime receives a call from his sister. After hanging up, he tells Salomé that he must return to Sète immediately. His parents are being held hostage.

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