Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 209 of Thursday, August 19, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 209 of thursday, august 19, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Teyssier makes a proposal to Louis, Lionel has an idea to allow Kelly to pass the entrance examination. At the same time, Antoine discovers that Clotilde cheated on Guillaume.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 19 in Here everything begins …

Teyssier makes a proposal to Louis

Charlene apologizes to Theo, but the latter, very angry, does not want to hear anything. He tries to make her understand that because of her he could have plunged back into his addiction to drugs. Charlene realizes that she has gone too far but explains to her brother that she was only thinking of avenging Louis. And for Théo, that’s the problem. He feels like his sister is becoming a psychopath like Louis. Teyssier and Constance intervene and ask Theo to forgive Charlene. But Theo is incapable of it, he no longer wants to hear from his sister.

Once Theo left, Charlene explains to her parents that she found her brother’s behavior with Louis unacceptable and that she just tried to bring him down. Teyssier points out to his daughter that she has a knack for choosing the wrong guys and forbids Charlene to see Louis again. He orders her to put an end to this relationship, but Charlene refuses. She is really in love with Louis.

Later, in the kitchens of Double A, Marta attacks Charlene. She tells him that what she did is very serious and decides to end their friendship. Theo orders Charlene to go peel the vegetables and asks Louis to leave his kitchen. But Louis retorts him that he is an Armand and that he is at home here.

While Marta complains about Louis’ behavior to Teyssier and Clotilde, the director of the institute notices that Clotilde is once again defending her half-brother. He understands that Louis is blackmailing Clotilde with something and she ends up admitting that she cheated on Guillaume with Joachim and that Louis discovered him. For Emmanuel, it is clear, it is high time to get rid of Louis. But since Charlene fell in love with him, it’s not that simple.

A little later, Emmanuel finds Constance in the park. His wife can’t stand seeing Theo and Charlene arguing. Teyssier thinks things will calm down, but Constance isn’t sure she can forgive her daughter for her gesture. In addition, she is afraid that Louis’ hold on Charlene will end up taking her away from those close to her. Teyssier then confesses to his wife that he may have an idea to make them break up but that it will not please him. Constance doesn’t want to know what it is but gives her her consent to act.

Teyssier therefore makes an appointment with Louis and announces to him that he agrees to give him back his post of boss at Double A. But in exchange, Louis will have to admit to Charlene that he went out with her only to reach her father and get her job. And if he refuses, he can forget the Double A. Louis leaves to share this proposal with Charlene who is disgusted. Even Louis didn’t think Teyssier would fall so low. Charlène asks Louis what he answered and the son Armand promises that even for all the stars in the world he would not give up on her. He wants to accomplish his plans with her. The woman of his life, his alter ego. And swear he loves her like he never loved anyone.

Lionel has an idea to help Kelly pass the entrance exam

As the entrance exam to the institute approaches, and despite Teyssier’s refusal to let her pass the tests, Laetitia seeks to motivate Kelly so that she clings to her dream and does not give up. Laetitia even confesses to her sister that she has a lead and that she will “work in the shadows” to allow her to pass the competition, but Kelly is afraid that her mother will slip again and prefer to fend for herself.

Kelly then finds Lionel, who has just returned to the institute, and tastes the dish he is preparing and that he learned during his internship. Kelly finds it very good but advises her to add a granita of alcohol, such as sake, to make her recipe even better. Lionel, amazed by the genius of his girlfriend, seems really disappointed that Kelly cannot pass the competition. But suddenly he has an idea: if Teyssier tasted a dish prepared by the young woman, he would be impressed and might change his mind. Lionel therefore asks Kelly to prepare his best dish and takes it upon himself to speak to Teyssier.

Lionel manages to convince Teyssier to come and taste one of his dishes at the studio. But when Kelly presents him with the recipe supposedly executed by Lionel, Teyssier, rather surprised very well by what he is tasting, discovers that it is in reality Kelly who prepared the dish in question. Teyssier is doubtful but Kelly explains to him, step by step, ingredient after ingredient, how she made her recipe. She adds that she has never taken a cooking class and Teyssier seems amazed. Lionel begs the school principal to let her pass the competition and the latter replies that he will think about it.

However, Kelly is unaware that Laetitia broke into Teyssier’s office to slip a registration form in his name into the pile of applications.

Guillaume suspects Clotilde of cheating on him

Antoine is finally back at the institute. Boat problems prevented him from returning on the scheduled date and Guillaume, who is extremely on edge, never fails to run into him and blame him for being late. Because because of that, he had to do all of Antoine’s work in addition to his in recent days.

Later, still on edge, Guillaume ends up confiding in Antoine that he suspects Clotilde of cheating on him with Joachim. He caught them talking and found them rather close. Added to the strange behavior of his wife at the moment and the recent visit of Louis for no reason to their home, he is really wondering and can not get the idea out of his head. Antoine tries to reassure him, he thinks he is worried about nothing.

But when he ends up talking about it with Rose in a joking tone, Antoine finally discovers that Clotilde has indeed had an affair with Joachim and cannot get over it.

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