Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 208 of Wednesday, August 18, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 208 of wednesday, august 18, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Charlene reveals the whole truth, Claire gives advice to Salomé. For his part, Greg fears he made a mistake.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday August 18 in Here everything begins …

Charlene confesses the truth

Claire asks her son if he thought about it after their discussion the day before. But Louis does not intend to stop the blackmail he exercises on Clotilde. Having never been able to say that Augustus was his father during his lifetime, he believes that the post of chief at Double A belongs to him. And he promises his mother that if she talks to Teyssier, he will go see Guillaume to tell her the truth about the affair between Clotilde and Joachim.

Claire then finds Clotilde in the park and announces to her that she has not succeeded in reasoning Louis. She therefore advises Chef Armand to tell Guillaume everything, but Guillaume cannot bring herself to weaken her relationship once again. Totally lost, Clotilde seeks support from Joachim who admits that he doesn’t like to see her like that and that he would like to be able to take her in his arms. But their discussion is interrupted by Guillaume, who still does not seem to suspect anything.

Teyssier, meanwhile, confides in his wife that he thinks Theo has been trapped. And his suspicions are obviously on Louis. Constance is worried to see the Guinot son staring at Theo, but Teyssier swears that if Louis is really responsible for the incident the day before, he will not miss it.

In Double A, Theo came to the same conclusion and wonders if Louis would not be preparing another bad move. But Charlene interrupts the discussion between her brother and Marta to defend Louis. For her, Theo is baited on him without proof. She swears that it is not for nothing but Theo does not want to hear anything and does not understand why his sister is always on Louis’ side. Marta is forced to remind Theo that he has a service to provide to calm things down.

Later, while discussing with Theo, Teyssier, who intends to make Louis pay, learns that Charlene has once again taken up Louis’ defense. Theo does not know if they got back together, but it is certain that his sister is still addicted to the Guinot son. While looking for his daughter in the park, Teyssier surprises Charlene and Louis kissing in the vegetable garden. Even though Louis promises he loves Charlene, Teyssier is convinced that he is using his daughter to regain his place at Double A.

Teyssier announces his discovery to Constance and Theo, and Charlène is not long in joining them. Teyssier orders him to stop seeing Louis, but Charlene tells them that they judge him without having any proof. Teyssier decides to call the police, but Charlène insists: Louis did not drug Theo. Cornered, she then confesses the truth: it was she who put the drugs in her brother’s thermos.

Salomé decides to continue her studies

Maxime and Laetitia try to convince Salomé not to give up her studies to become the new chef of the restaurant at La Gardiane. Maxime is convinced that his girlfriend sacrifices herself to please her parents and that she actually doesn’t really want this job. But Salomé says she is very happy to manage her own kitchen and ensures that her dream of working in a Michelin-starred restaurant has simply evolved. For her, the debate is irrelevant.

Before leaving for La Gardiane for the lunch service, Salomé finds Claire in the kitchen and tells her that she is leaving the institute and that she is therefore giving up the third year of training. A news that Claire has a hard time welcoming with enthusiasm. Chef Guinot thinks that Salomé is making a serious mistake and that she is ruining her future. For her, her place is in a big restaurant, not in a small country hotel. Claire advises him to think a little more, but Salomé replies that she cannot go back and that, from now on, La Gardiane is her future.

At La Gardiane, Salomé is tense while preparing a new recipe and loses her temper. Proving that she is out for the air, Maxime confides to Sylvie and Pierre that Salomé initially intended to refuse their proposal in order to continue her studies.

The owners of the hotel then join their daughter near the swimming pool and the latter ends up admitting that she would have preferred to graduate. But when Sylvie forced her hand with her post, she didn’t dare say no so as not to hurt them. Pierre and Sylvie then encourage the young woman to tell them things in the future. And Salomé therefore decides to continue her studies at the institute.

Greg fears he made a mistake

Upon waking up, after watching Eliott sleep, Greg, who is still on a cloud, can’t help but want to kiss his boyfriend. But Eliott interrupts him with the excuse that it’s the last day of the Pop Up and that he doesn’t want to be late. And when Greg tries to find out if he regrets having sex with him, Eliott swears he doesn’t.

Greg then leaves to confide in Hortense, to whom he announces that he slept with Eliott the day before. He explains to her that he thought everything had gone very well, then adds that Eliott’s distant behavior this morning now puts him in doubt. What if her boyfriend didn’t like their first time? Greg is afraid he forced himself and didn’t realize it. He therefore asks Hortense to probe Eliott and the young woman agrees to investigate.

Although Greg has asked her to be discreet, Hortense does not go all the way and expresses her boyfriend’s doubts directly to Eliott. After the Pop Up service ends, Eliott decides to have a chat with Greg and confesses that he wasn’t entirely honest with him about their first time.

Although he is happy to have shared this moment of intimacy with him, Eliott admits that the experience was not as physically intense as he could say it yesterday. And adds that sex doesn’t do much to her. This morning he just didn’t feel like starting over, because he has no urges, no needs. Eliott asks Greg not to blame him if they don’t have sex very often in the future. And Greg responds when he doesn’t care. Sex or no sex, all he wants is to be with him.

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