Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 204 of Thursday, August 12, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 204 of thursday, august 12, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis surprises Joachim and Clotilde kissing, Eliott wants to make efforts for Greg. At the same time, Noémie confesses the truth to Gaëtan.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday August 12 in Here everything begins …


In order to prevent Charlene from denouncing herself, Louis plans to put Teyssier on another track. To do this, he plans to reveal that Joachim sells drugs to the students of the institute and to assert that the latter necessarily knows the culprit. Refusing to cause harm to her best friend’s brother, Charlene prefers to assume the consequences for her actions. Claire’s son, who fears this will make the situation even worse, suggests instead making it look like they’re no longer together so that it calms things down with his family. Without waiting, the young woman announces to her parents that her affair with Louis is over, claiming to have opened her eyes to him. A decision that delighted the Teyssier clan.

Later, Theo presents to his father the daily menu he has concocted for the double A when he is seized with slight dizziness and tremors related to the lack of drugs. While his father wants to replace him, Theo ensures that he can manage the service. A few moments later, Louis arrives in the kitchen and throws in front of everyone, including Teyssier and Clotilde, that Joachim sells weed at the institute. Unconvinced by the arguments of those who take his defense, Teyssier promises to speak directly with the person concerned during the day in order to clarify this story.

Only, Clotilde takes the lead and joins Joachim in the vegetable garden to warn him. As he has some weed on him, she begs him to throw it away immediately. He barely has time to hide the drugs in a jar when Louis and Emmanuel burst in. Insofar as they can not find anything on him, Louis says he is convinced that he has been warned. However, Emmanuel believes that he has wasted enough time like that but still calls on Joachim to stay away from his son.

At the end of the day, Louis is with Charlene in the gardens. Their plan not having worked, the young woman thinks that the only solution is for her to denounce herself. But at the same time, Louis sees Joachim and Clotilde hiding behind trees. Intrigued, he follows them then catches them kissing.


Eliott still has a grudge against Greg since their altercation the night before. As he begins to question his relationship, Hortense and Mehdi point out to him that differences of opinion are normal in a relationship. The latter advise him to find an activity that would allow them to reconcile, but Eliott unfortunately has no desire to make any efforts.

Greg later apologizes to Eliott and confesses that he reacted this way because he felt bad for not having managed to improvise in the kitchen. Convinced that he is capable of doing great things, Eliott encourages him to simply let go, trust himself and have fun. To help him reassure himself, Eliott suggests that he work on non-customized dishes so that he can have fun. Relieved, Greg thanks him before covering him with kisses.

During the service, Eliott confides in Célia and Hortense. As he understood that Greg always adapts to him and not the other way around, Eliott plans to step out of his comfort zone to see what he could physically share with the one he loves.

Closing the pop-up, Eliott tells Greg that his apology really touched him. Aware that he is making a lot of efforts to make their relationship work, Eliott declares that he wants to try to make love with him again. Although he refuses at first in order to avoid it breaking something between them, Greg ends up changing his mind as long as they take the time to talk about it first.


In the salt marshes, Stella pushes her sister to tell Gaëtan that she does not want to get married. But nothing helps, the chef Matret finds all the excuses to avoid this discussion.

For his part, Gaëtan is determined to organize the wedding as soon as possible and seeks the help of his sister-in-law to secure the services of a caterer. The prices being exorbitant, the Rivière son finally imagines calling on the services of the institute. Stella may encourage him to talk about it with Noémie, Gaëtan prefers to get ahead.

Subsequently, he therefore meets Guillaume to discuss his project. Even if the deadlines are a little short, Guillaume sees no problem there but must ask for the agreement of chef Teyssier.

A few hours later, Guillaume crosses paths with Noémie in the streets of Calvières and informs her that Teyssier has given the green light to prepare the buffet for his wedding at the end of September. Furious, Noémie returns home and reproaches Gaëtan for having put her in front of a fait accompli before admitting that she is not ready for marriage.

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