Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 202 of Tuesday, August 10, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 202 of tuesday, august 10, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Emmanuel transfers his son from double A, Célia and Solal have a discussion. For her part, Salomé accepts a proposal in spite of herself.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday August 10 in Here everything begins …


Louis and Charlene spent the night together. If she would have loved her boyfriend to stay a little longer, however, she doesn’t want to bother with her family, so she sends him out before everyone wakes up. Before he leaves, they confess their feelings and then kiss each other passionately. Theo, who attended the scene, then blames his sister for bringing his rival home. Furious, he tries to open his eyes to Louis but without success.

During the lunch service, Theo is at its worst. On the verge of unease, Marta takes him to the infirmary to the delight of Louis who takes over in his absence. Later, Theo is better. Although he had not taken any drugs for months, he still felt like he was under the influence of cannabis. While he wants to return to the kitchen, Constance formally opposes it, stating that he is not in a condition to work.

For her part, Claire takes advantage of being alone with Emmanuel to have a discussion about Theo. According to her, Theo had smoked before his service but Teyssier claims that her son has stopped his nonsense for months. However, on returning home, he accuses the young man of having plunged back into his pitfalls. He has sworn it is wrong, Teyssier does not care and takes the radical decision to fire him.

For her part, Marta begins to have doubts about Theo and fears that he has resumed smoking. If Joachim assures that Theo refused the joint he offered him the day before, he nevertheless notices that there is a lack of weed in his box and finally comes to think that he served himself.


At breakfast, Célia dodges Solal’s gestures of affection because Ambre is present. Vexed, the young man later confides to his girlfriend that he loves Célia very much and that it makes him drunk that things are going so badly between them. Understanding that their comrade has trouble with the fact that they are polyamorous, Amber suggests that the three of them have a discussion to put things right.

After kissing, the couple joins Celia. Amber then certifies her that she has agreed to have a story with Solal but Celia can hardly believe her. And to add that this situation disturbs her too much.

Subsequently, Solal is with Celia at the water’s edge when he confesses to having feelings for her. The young woman recognizes that something strong is happening between them but she has no desire to start a relationship doomed to failure, especially since she is coming out of a complicated affair with Jérémy.


At La Gardiane, Pierre and Sylvie offer their daughter to become the new chef of the restaurant. This possibility never having crossed her mind, Salomé does not know what to answer, especially since she did not finish her studies at the Auguste Armand Institute. Dreaming of seeing his daughter take over the family inheritance, Pierre advises her to take the time to reflect.

Lost, Salomé confides in Maxime. Although she would love to work with her family, she wants to cook gourmet food and knows full well that her parents’ restaurant does not. While she fears breaking their hearts and disappointing them, Maxime guarantees that it won’t change the love they feel for her.

At the end of the day, Laetitia announces to her sister that Sylvie and François have announced their appointment at the head of the hotel restaurant on a Facebook post. For Laetitia, their mother did this to force her hand but the son Delcourt thinks on the contrary that it is a simple misunderstanding.

In order to clarify this matter, Salomé confronts her parents. Sylvie admits that she has come a little too quickly but specifies however that she is convinced that she will eventually accept. Determined to refuse, Salomé unfortunately does not have the courage to tell them the truth, especially since Sylvie and François uncork the champagne for the occasion.

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