Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 201 of Monday, August 9, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 201 of monday, august 9, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While nothing is going any more between Louis and Théo, Clotilde clarifies things with Joachim. At the same time, Pierre and Sylvie organize a surprise for Salomé.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday August 9 in Here everything begins …


At the Teyssiers, Theo is nervous for his first day as the leader of the double A. While Constance ensures that everything will be fine, Emmanuel, also confident, wants his son to prove to him that he was right to appoint to this post.

Shortly after, Constance takes a moment with her daughter to chat with her and desperately try to open her eyes to Louis. Having seen the young man being hateful on several occasions towards Claire and Salomé, she points out to him that he has overreactions and that he treats the people around him badly. When Charlene retorts that her father is the same, Constance agrees. However, even though she loves her husband with all her heart, she hopes her daughter doesn’t get on with someone so complicated.

Charlene then finds Louis. As the latter seems determined to regain his place even if it means giving fate a little boost, Charlene would like him to achieve his ends by avoiding attacking his brother. While she specifies that she has no desire to choose between him and Theo, Louis promises to do nothing. As the couple kiss, Claire sees them in the distance.

Certain that her son is using Charlene to provoke Teyssier, Chef Guinot awaits the lunch service to obtain explanations. Louis says he fell in love with her and Claire therefore advises him to leave his brother alone. Although he did not give up the post of chef, Louis however intends to prove to Teyssier that he made a mistake only through his skills as a cook.

Later, Theo gives Claire and Emmanuel a taste of his new suggestions for the Double A menu. While the chefs are convinced by the dish, Teyssier believes, on the other hand, that the dessert lacks oriental flavors to be perfectly consistent with the rest of his dish. menu. Louis then suggests incorporating a few drops of argan oil into the milk foam, an idea that Emmanuel approves but which does not seem to please Théo.

During the service, the son Armand advises Théo to make some adjustments to the plates he is about to send to the dining room, but without success. Convinced that Louis is trying to get his place back, Theo orders him not to touch any dish and to go for a dip.

At the end of the service, the tension rises between them and Theo signals that he is the boss from now on before advising Louis to do as he tells him. When Charlene begs his brother to stop his relentlessness, Theo gets carried away and forces him to stop playing groupies. The following moment, the situation escalates even more and Theo, who cracks, strikes Louis with a head to cut short his provocations.

The two young men are then immediately summoned to the management office. After everyone has given their version of the facts, Teyssier decides and orders Louis to obey his leader without arguing. At the end of the day, Théo, Marta and Joachim spend time together. Still on the nerves, Joachim offers Theo to relax by smoking a joint.


After having made love to his wife, Guillaume declares that it had been a long time since he had felt this way. Only Clotilde has her mind elsewhere, especially since she has just received a message on her phone. She therefore takes advantage that her husband is in the shower to read Joachim’s message which indicates that she received the varnish samples for the renovation work of the commissary.

By joining the young man, Chef Armand once again sets things straight with him. She may have had a good time with him, but Clotilde declares that she will not change her mind and that nothing will happen between them. And to add that she loves her husband. Understanding, Joachim agrees not to tell anyone about their story.

Later, Clotilde tells Rose that she has the feeling that her relationship is better since they started on new bases with Guillaume. Despite everything, she admits having all the trouble in the world to cut ties with Joachim especially since it had been a long time since she had felt so alive in the arms of a man. If the novelty can be exciting, Rose nevertheless certifies that it will never be worth the relationship she has built with Guillaume.


At the Gardiane, the atmosphere is in a good mood. To make up for the time that has been stolen from them, Pierre and Sylvie wish to organize a surprise party for Salomé in order to show her that from now on her parents are there. To do this, the couple enlist the help of Maxime to bake a cake. Deeming the idea superb, the Delcourt son immediately got to work and imagined a wild strawberry dessert with the flavors of Occitania.

In order to keep Salomé away while waiting to organize everything, Pierre sends her to do some shopping for the restaurant. By discovering the surprise prepared by those close to her, Salomé is particularly touched. Although it is not her birthday, Sylvie takes the opportunity to give her a basket full of gifts.

Indeed, it’s been twenty years that Sylvie chooses a gift every December 14th, trying to imagine the little girl, the teenager then the young woman that Salomé was becoming. With tears in her eyes, the latter is happy because even in her wildest dreams she would never have imagined living such a moment. Touched too, Sylvie declares how much she loves him and swears never to leave her again.

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