Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 200 of Friday, August 6, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 200 of friday, august 6, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Sylvie finds her freedom, Charlene rebels against her parents. At the same time, Clotilde no longer knows what to do.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday August 6 in Here everything begins …


After Pierre tries to drown him, François is resting in his room. His wife being at his bedside, he explains that he wanted to set the hotel on fire out of love for her and to give their couple a chance. But Sylvie hasn’t loved her for years. In love with Pierre for twenty years, she made the decision to leave him once and for all.

Later, the whole family is reunited at the Gardiane. When François joins them, Pierre apologizes to him for going too far during their altercation. Against all expectations, François announces that he is leaving. Fighting for too long for an unworthy marriage, he also gives his wife his freedom without failing to be disagreeable to her once again. Regarding the hotel, he leaves it to Pierre and Sylvie.

Certain that this is yet another ploy on his part and that he will end up finding a way to take revenge, Pierre and Sylvie immediately confront François about his true intentions. However, the latter affirms that he is sincere and proves his good faith by giving them Sylvie’s letter of confession before leaving.

Happy, Sylvie thanks Salomé for pushing her to get out of this situation. Surrounded by all the women of the family, Laetitia takes the opportunity to ask her mother’s forgiveness for having taken time to realize what her father was making her endure. Sylvie, who is moved, recognizes that she was weak and cowardly then regrets not having managed to fight earlier. Ready to turn this page of their past, Laetitia is convinced that she will eventually forgive her. Shortly after, Sylvie burns the confession letter in front of her daughters and her granddaughter to symbolize her new freedom.

Sylvie then joins Pierre to find out what he intends to do with the hotel. He then explains that he cannot see himself continuing the affair without her because the hotel was the way for him to stay close to her. Still very much in love with each other, they understand that life offers them a second chance that they do not intend to pass up.

After exchanging a passionate kiss, Pierre and Sylvie announce to Salomé that they are going to take over the Gardiane together. The opportunity for them to spend time with her and to make memories. Very happy for them, the young woman would like to continue working in the kitchen, which Pierre accepts with joy. On a little cloud, Salomé snuggles up in Maxime’s arms and thanks him for everything he has done for her because if she has a family today, it is thanks to him.


Convinced that his mother is delighted with Theo’s appointment at the head of the double A, Louis criticizes Claire for letting Teyssier achieve his ends. While chef Guinot thinks he will be under less pressure as a second, the young man, who is sure he has the talent to be a great chef, believes he has not had enough time to prove himself.

For his part, Théo already has some ideas for the new double A menu and intends to give the establishment’s gourmet cuisine a facelift. While Charlene wonders how her brother will succeed in being better than the major of his class, Emmanuel judges on the contrary that it will not be complicated. When Charlene stands up for Louis, Theo takes the opportunity to tell his family that she has views on him. A situation that does not please Teyssier at all, who reminds him that Louis was in a psychiatric hospital not long ago. Regardless, the young woman does not care and begs her parents to leave her alone.

Worried, Constance joins her daughter in the gardens of the institute to find out if her affair with Louis is serious. If the young woman first indicates that it is still recent, she specifies however that it does not concern her. Although she recognizes Louis’ many qualities, the nurse also declares that he is unstable and that she fears that he will do the same to her as Salomé. However, Charlene refuses to listen to him and summons his mother to leave him alone.

Charlene then finds Louis in the vegetable garden. While they kiss passionately, the latter swears that he has no intention of giving way and that he will reclaim his place as leader at the first opportunity.


Listening to his wife’s message, Guillaume preferred to shorten his restaurant tour. As he worries about her, Clotilde assures us that she is fine but that she felt alone in this empty house. Feeling guilty for having left when she feels bad since the departure of Jérémy, Guillaume promises to take care of her from now on.

Later, Guillaume and Clotilde go to the commissary to see the progress of the work. The boss Armand then takes the opportunity that her husband is on the phone to tell Joachim that what happened between them was a mistake and that it will not happen again.

At worst, she confides in her sister about her affair with Joachim. Having already made her husband suffer enough in the past, she has no desire to lie to him and intends to tell him the whole truth. Even though she understands her, Rose warns her that she risks losing Guillaume by doing this.

When she comes home, Clotilde still has the firm intention of having a discussion with Guillaume. But when she finds out that he has prepared a romantic dinner for her, she changes her mind.

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