Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 2 of Tuesday, November 3, 2020 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Maxime withdraws, Antoine is lost after the revelations of Lisandro. In the meantime, Teyssier receives a message from a crow.

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 2 of tuesday, november 3, 2020 [spoilers]
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Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday November 3 in Here everything begins …


In the morning, Maxime meets Enzo in the gardens of the Institute. Madly in love with Salomé, Maxime is furious that the apprentice cook did not warn him that the young woman was going to get married so that he avoids making films. At the same time, Augustus gives the future spouses the menus for their ceremony and takes the opportunity to suggest that Salomé take her to the altar on the wedding day. Visibly moved, Salomé remains speechless and Auguste takes his silence for a yes. For his part, Maxime waits for Salomé to speak to him. The latter then recognizes that she had no intention of telling him that she was going to get married because she knew that their story was not going to last. When Maxime asks her about what pushed her to cheat on her future spouse, Salomé admits having wanted to savor her freedom one last time. Only, the young man does not believe her and adds that she cannot marry Louis because she does not love him. But Salomé says she is very in love and intends to unite with him. As Louis interrupts their conversation, Salomé, who is uncomfortable, faints. Coming to her senses, she ensures that all is well and asserts that she is able to resume her activities. Despite everything, Louis insisted that she go to the infirmary and requested Maxime’s help to carry her. Once alone, Louis asks Delcourt’s son if he’s ready for the next ordeal. As Maxime replies that he intends to give up because he doesn’t feel like he belongs, Louis encourages him to go all the way and promises to support him during the exam. In the cooking test, the shortlisted candidates are divided into pairs to prepare a dish based on poultry. While Hortense teams up with Eliott, Maxime will have to work with Greg. Unfortunately, the current does not pass at all because Greg wants to take charge of the entire recipe and often considers Maxime as his clerk. When Greg questions his cooking skills, Maxime leaves the competition knowing full well that his decision is eliminatory. While he is preparing his business to go home, Salomé joins him and tries to reason with him. For the young man, it is difficult to see her with Louis, but Salomé retorts that he came to the Institute for the cooking, not for her. Even if he was eliminated for leaving the exam, Salomé has an idea to get him back into the race.


Guillaume goes to Antoine’s office to demand Lisandro’s dismissal. The principal then tries to understand what happened and Guillaume transcribes their exchange of the day before, specifying that this is not the first time that the professor has been aggressive towards one of his colleagues. Although he cannot authorize such behavior in his establishment, Antoine chooses to summon Lisandro to hear his version of the facts before deciding. The latter admits having hit Guillaume while he was on the phone with his ex-wife to discuss their son and then agrees that this will never happen again. When Antoine notices the electronic bracelet on his ankle, the ward teacher admits that he had been in prison for the previous two months for parental abduction. Indeed, Lisandro says he had a difficult divorce because his wife accused him of domestic violence to obtain custody of their son. After spending a weekend with his son without the right, he was sentenced to two years in prison. Fortunately, his lawyer managed to get him parole because he worked for the Institute. If he loses this job, Lisandro will have to return behind bars and will not be able to see his son again. Touched by his story, Antoine needs to think things over and swears to let him know his decision the next day. Later, Antoine reports his discussion with Lisandro to Rose. Even if he wishes to give him a chance, the principal thinks above all about the safety of his students.


Chef Teyssier goes to Noémie to give her Amandine’s scarf. When his assistant says that she no longer wants them because she now wants to turn the page, Emmanuel says he is delighted to hear it. Not far from there, a mysterious person creates a profile on the Koolegram network under the pseudonym of CorbeauAA. In the biography on his page, the stranger indicates that the time has come to settle scores. For his part, Teyssier reunites with his wife and children when he receives a message from the raven who gives him an appointment in the school greenhouse. On site, the pastry chef discovers a rope with a hangman’s knot.

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