Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 196 of Monday, August 2, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 196 of Monday, August 2, 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Sylvie reveals her secret, Gaëtan plans to ask Noémie in marriage. Célia apologizes to Solal.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Here it all begins
Here it all begins

Monday August 2 in Here everything begins …


Although still upset by the discovery of his paternity, Pierre is very happy that Salomé is now part of his life and takes advantage of a private moment with her to answer her questions before telling her about her love story. with Sylvie. Madly in love since the moment his gaze landed on her, Pierre always believed that they would end up together and never really gave up on Sylvie.

Shortly after, Maxime and Salomé do not understand why Sylvie changed her mind when she was about to leave her husband and fear that François is exercising a kind of blackmail to keep her. As they are worried, they go to the Gardiane to get answers but Sylvie does not have time to tell them that her husband is breaking in.

Far from being dismantled, Salomé accuses François of putting pressure on Sylvie to keep her near her. If her mother says it’s wrong, Salomé swears she’s not done with her stepfather. After having made many reproaches to the latter, she tells him that Sylvie does not like her and that Pierre is the only man who matters. Before the situation escalates, Sylvie retorts that she is only in love with François. And to protect her secret, she goes so far as to add that her affair with Pierre was a mistake just like getting pregnant.

Deeply hurt, the young woman finds comfort in the arms of her father who would like to make up for the time taken from them. For his part, François pushes Sylvie to cut ties with Pierre and Salomé in order to turn once and for all this page of their past. She then pretends to comply with his request but then makes an appointment with Maxime and Salomé to apologize for his words that she did not mean. She also certifies to her daughter that she does not regret for a second that she was born and admits that her husband blackmails her well.

Several years ago, Sylvie did something very serious. Not having put up with François throwing their daughter out and no longer accepting the atrocities he subjected her to on a daily basis, she began to poison her with drugs to treat the tyroid. Unfortunately, he realized this and demanded that she write a letter of confession. If she were to leave him, he would report her to the police.


In the salt marshes, Stella receives a bouquet of flowers from a certain Marc, an American whom she met two months before returning to France. While Gaëtan finds it touching, the Matret sisters believe on the contrary that it is exaggerated for a story that only lasted two months.

Gaëtan is then afraid that his relationship with Noémie has gone too quickly and to have put pressure on him to settle down together. The latter responds that their story is serious and then points out that each relationship goes at its own pace. Far from being reassured, Gaëtan, who has already bought an engagement ring, asks Stella for advice. Although it is madness, she encourages him to take the plunge without wasting time, convinced that he has no reason to be afraid.

Later, Stella takes advantage of being alone with her sister to question her about her relationship with Gaëtan. Chef Matret then indicated that she had just come out of her burnout and that she wanted to feel free and carefree. Therefore, the young woman has no desire to think about marriage and children for several years.


At the pop-up Célia confides in Hortense and Eliott on the polyamorous relationship between Amber and Solal. As she fears that the young man has lied to her to achieve his ends, the Gaissac girl reveals to her new roommate that her boyfriend has been flirting with her since his arrival. Amber confirms to him that they are very polyamorous and specifies that Solal does not belong to him. As long as they love each other, she has no problem with him dating other women.

Without waiting, Célia apologizes to Solal for not having believed him on Friday. Even if she considers the idea of ​​polyamory beautiful, the young woman finds it rather complicated in practice. Fairly possessive, Célia needs to feel that she matters to others and that we see her as someone unique. While he replies that she is, Amber joins them for a cooking lesson.

While working on a recipe, Solal and Célia’s hands brush against each other, which seems to particularly destabilize the young woman. When she apologizes to Amber, she says that they are both beautiful. Célia, who is uncomfortable, explains that this type of relationship is not for her before going back to the kitchen.

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