Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 193 of Wednesday, July 28, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 193 of wednesday, july 28, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Sylvie reveals everything to Maxime, Vincent and Alice make their way to Paris. For his part, Theo wins a great victory.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday July 28 in Here everything begins …


Following their separation, Maxime visits Salomé to try to make her reconsider her decision. If he claims to have simply acted out of love for her, the young woman can no longer bear for her entourage to do things for her. She may be on the verge of finding her father, Salomé doesn’t care and tears up Romeo’s letter then orders Maxime to leave her alone.

Back at the Gardiane, the Delcourt son tells Mehdi and Hortense everything. The latter then encourages him to fight by discovering the identity of Romeo, certain that Salomé will see that he did this out of love. Meanwhile, Salomé confides in Laetitia and Kelly on her breakup with Maxime. Even if the subject is sensitive, the teenager considers that her aunt is particularly hard on him, especially since he has nothing to do with Louis. While she urges him to talk to her to sort things out, Salomé takes it badly and prefers to go away.

For his part, Maxime ends up confessing to Sylvie having searched through his things and having read Romeo’s letters. He insists that she reveals the identity of her lover to him, but she asks him to be silent. When François barges in, he asks his wife and his intern to get back to work immediately.

Later, François questions his wife about what happened with Maxime and she claims that the young man was simply talking to her about the reservations he received. However, François finds it hard to believe her and warns her that he refuses to allow Salomé to set foot here after accusing him of being an assassin. No longer supporting Maxime’s nosy side, he also intends to kick him out too.

He then goes to the kitchen and demands that his brother fire the trainees on the pretext that the dishes are far too pretentious for their customers. Against all expectations, Pierre is opposed to it and then adds that in his kitchen, it is he who decides who to work with. The next moment, François loses his temper and overwhelms him with reproaches. Furious, Pierre grabs Francois by the collar ready to hit him but Maxime intervenes while begging his boss to let him go.

At the end of the day, Maxime threatens Sylvie to tell François everything if she does not give him the name of Salomé’s father. With his back to the wall, she agrees to take him into his confidence if he promises never to speak to the young woman.


It’s the big day for Vincent and Alice who are leaving the salt marshes for Paris today. Despite their violent argument on Friday, Diego joined his son and apologized to him. Even if he is disappointed that he is leaving, the most important thing for him is that Vincent is happy. Father and son then hug each other to the delight of Célia who teases her grandfather. While the young woman would like to prepare a departure feast for her parents, Vincent declines because the road is long to reach the capital. Soon after, Alice and Vincent embrace their daughter warmly and then leave to write a new chapter in their life.

At worst, Celia feels like everyone she loves is abandoning her. For Eliott, she should go out to clear her mind but the young woman has planned to have dinner with her grandparents.

During dinner, the Gaissacs are interrupted by the arrival of Amber and Sola, a couple of students who have rented a guest room with them. Having completely forgotten their arrival, Isabelle and Célia hasten to prepare their room. By meeting the eyes of the young man, Celia seems visibly troubled.


In the morning, Estelle Jacquard, a food critic, arrives at the institute. If Teyssier thinks that she came to lunch at the double A, the journalist is actually there for Théo’s ephemeral restaurant.

Throughout lunch, it was impossible for the latter to know Estelle’s opinion on her dishes. As he is very worried about his possible criticisms, Eliott advises him to go talk to him directly. And the young chef was right to listen to his friend since Estelle is full of praise for her cuisine, which she describes as modern and daring.

Following her meal, Estelle published a laudatory article on Théo’s pop-up in which she writes that chef Teyssier is dusting off Armand’s gastronomy and that he very clearly eclipses the double A which seems deserted by customers. Furious, Emmanuel orders Louis to bring the card up to date and threatens to fire him if he does not create the event.

Later, Louis points out the lack of involvement of his brigade. Exasperated by his bad faith, Greg says that he will never be at his father’s level before resigning.

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