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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Teyssier gives his son an ultimatum, Lætitia offers his father a deal. Vincent makes a big decision.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday July 21 in Here everything begins …


In the morning, Clotilde comes to visit Théo’s ephemeral restaurant. While Joachim tries to understand why she is against the idea of ​​a pop-up within the establishment, the chef Armand explains that the concept of this restaurant is not compatible with the standing of the institute. Just after, Joachim takes the opportunity to invite her for a drink in the evening but she declines.

Before the restaurant opens, Teyssier tastes the dishes that will be served to customers. When he declares with his legendary tact that it is better than in the canteen and then wishes his son good luck, Theo does not let himself be taken down. For his part, Joachim arrives in the kitchen to collect ice cubes for the pop-up. While the young man brushes her hand while collecting the bin, Clotilde, who seems confused, specifies that she is married and asks her to stop her little number.

At the end of the day, Theo is disappointed to have served only three clients, but Rose encourages him to persevere, convinced that word of mouth will pay off in the end. For his part, Emmanuel does not see things the same way and gives his son a week to be sold out or he will have to close shop. Without hesitation, Rose accepts the challenge and says to herself certain that they will succeed.


After discovering that Salomé is Sylvie’s daughter, François spent the night questioning his wife relentlessly. Exhausted, she admits that she had met her two months earlier thanks to Lætitia. As François insists on knowing where his daughter is, Sylvie, who is in tears, ends up confessing to her that she is at the Auguste Armand Institute.

Later, Sylvie crosses paths with Salomé outside the hotel and tells her about the complicated night she spent. Worried for her, the young woman is convinced that her husband will make her go through hell and pushes her to leave him. However, Sylvie replies that things are not that simple and then goes back to work.

During the lunch service, François bursts into the kitchen with the firm intention of firing Maxime and Salomé. Faced with their opposition, he is particularly virulent towards them and more particularly towards Salomé to whom he launches that she is nothing in the eyes of his mother. Although he is in shock to learn that Salomé is Sylvie’s daughter, Pierre stands up to his brother and decides to keep his trainees.

At the end of their working day, Maxime and Salomé once again try to convince Sylvie to follow them to the institute, but without success. For the latter, if they really want to help her, they had better not set foot here again.

Pierre then finds Sylvie and asks her about Salomé’s father. She then indicates that she had an affair with a man with whom she fell in love and that François forced her to abandon her baby. Little surprised, Pierre encourages her to leave his brother and even says he is ready to testify to the police to protect her. Unfortunately, Sylvie knows that this is useless because her husband will end up turning the situation to his advantage.

Several kilometers away, Maxime and Salomé report to Lætitia the details of their day. Despite the complexity of the situation, the Delcourt son cannot help but think that Sylvie is not only under the influence of her husband and that something else is holding her back. If he is sure that she is hiding something, Maxime also knows that François will not let them approach her. To help her sister, Laetitia puts her resentment aside and goes to the Gardiane to offer her father a deal: if he accepts that Sylvie and Salomé see each other, she will introduce Kelly to him.


In the salt marshes, Alice learns that her transfer request has been refused. Vincent may advise her to find another job to settle in the region, she cannot bring herself to quit a job she adores. If the only solution for Alice is to live a long distance relationship, Vincent does not see himself living far from the woman of his life. He then decides to follow his wife to Paris where he will resume his teaching profession. Even if she tries to make him change his mind, Vincent has made up his mind and intends to give their couple a real chance. Happy, Alice kisses her tenderly.

Later, Celia catches her parents kissing and they explain to her that it has been several days since they chose to give themselves a second chance. But when her father announces to her that he is going to follow Alice to Paris, Célia has the feeling that he is abandoning her. Vincent tries to assure her that she will always be his little toad, Célia, who is shaken, needs to be alone to digest the news.

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