Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 188 Wednesday, July 21, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 188 wednesday, july 21, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While François discovers the truth, nothing goes between Anaïs and Lisandro. Clotilde confides in Rose.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday July 21 in Here everything begins …


Certain that Sylvie has put the brooch in her daughter’s bag to get rid of her, Maxime shares his suspicions with Salomé and Lætitia. Knowing her well, the latter assures us that it is quite the type of her mother to do such a thing to avoid telling François the truth. As she wishes to get her out of her husband’s clutches, Salomé decides to return to the hotel to have a discussion with Sylvie.

There, she explains to him that she has no intention of letting her down because she cares too much for her. The young woman then tries to open her eyes to her toxic marriage but Sylvie certifies that François really loves her. While Salomé questions her about her relationship with her father, Sylvie recognizes that she felt free by his side and that he left because she wanted to stay with François. The subject is still difficult for her to broach, Sylvie promises to tell her about her father another day.

While passing by, François overhears particularly affectionate gestures between his wife and their intern and asks her later for explanations. Sylvie then claims that Salomé simply apologized to her for the brooch. Unfortunately, François doesn’t really believe it.

In order to clarify this story, he goes to the kitchen to obtain from Salomé some information on her family situation, claiming to have a concern about her internship agreement. Uncomfortable, the young woman pretends to be born in Chambéry and to have a little brother. François then questions Hortense about his friend. Without realizing it, she falls into her trap and tells that Salomé is an only daughter whose parents live in Quebec.

Unable to bear to have been taken for a fool, François confronts Salomé and Maxime. After he understands that Salomé is Sylvie’s daughter, François calls her a bastard.


In double A, Enzo and Lionel are rowdy when setting up the room, so much so that they drop a stack of plates. While the two students leave to retrieve a broom and a shovel to clean up the damage, Anaïs arrives in the room and begins to pick up the broken glass. Seeing her do it, Lisandro loses his temper, convinced that she is responsible for the breakage. But she does not let it go and sends it on the roses. A scene which greatly amuses Lionel and Enzo posted behind the porthole of the door. Later, when Lisandro puts pressure on Anaïs because several customers are waiting for their orders to be taken, a new argument breaks out within the couple.

Uncomfortable, Lionel confesses the truth to the young woman. After apologizing to Anaïs, Enzo reveals to Lisandro that he is at the origin of the broken plates incident. The classroom teacher agrees to hand in the towel and waits for the end of the shift to ask Anaïs for forgiveness. The couple then agree that it will take a little time for them to find a certain balance at work before kissing.


Seeing his wife looking at photos of their sons with nostalgia, Guillaume calls Jérémy but without success. Clotilde, who has felt a huge void since her departure, confides to her husband how difficult it is for her that he is on the other side of the world. To comfort her, Guillaume affirms that he is living an extraordinary adventure then makes her understand that this could be the opportunity for them to meet again as a couple.

In the double A, Louis is particularly hard with his brigade. While everyone is working, Clotilde hears the incessant noises caused by the work of Théo’s ephemeral restaurant. Deeply annoyed, Chef Armand immediately went there and insisted that Marta and Joachim take a break until the midday service was over. Unfortunately, the carpenter intends to finish the structure of the pop-up on time.

Unable to offer a service with such noise, Clotilde seeks help from Rose who promises to discuss it with her teams. As she realizes that her sister has been on edge since Jérémy’s departure, Rose specifies that she is not alone because Guillaume is going through the same thing but Clotilde replies that her marriage is complicated at the moment. Indeed, the chef Armand explains that not much is happening between them and that she has the impression that they have nothing more to say to each other. For Rose, they will have to find a new balance but she says she is sure that they will manage to overcome this ordeal. Surprised by the kindness of her sister, Clotilde adds that they can continue the work.

For his part, Joachim questions his sister about the chef Armand. Marta, who realizes that he has fallen for her, considers this strange and indicates that it is a married woman. Shortly after, Joachim and Marta introduce the structure of the ephemeral restaurant to Rose and Théo. Under the spell of the place, the Teyssier son said he was ready to open the next day.

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