Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 186 of Monday, July 19, 2021 [SPOILERS]

Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 186 of monday, july 19, 2021 [spoilers]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Sylvie has more than one trick up her sleeve, Eliott and Célia join Théo’s project. At the same time, the Rivière sisters launched their business.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday July 19 in Here everything begins …


Following François’ heart attack, Salomé wonders if she is not making a mistake about her stepfather. While she is not sure that François is a manipulator, Maxime thinks otherwise and reminds her that he forced Sylvie to give birth under x. In addition, the son Delcourt noticed that the reception of François sounded particularly false and that he spoke badly to his wife. Ultimately, the young woman wants only one thing, to get her mother out of her husband’s grip and have a real place in her life.

Back at the Rigaut restaurant, Maxime and Salomé set to work to the delight of Pierre who is happy to have two interns to support him in the kitchen. However, the latter quickly loses his smile when he notices that his brother François is back from the hospital and even goes so far as to regret that he got out of it. Later, Sylvie joins Maxime and Salomé in the kitchen so that they leave but without success because they want to help her whatever the cost.

Having no other choice, Sylvie suggests that François close the restaurant so that he can spare himself. Even if he finds it difficult to understand that she is suddenly worried about her health because he considers her responsible for her heart problems, François nevertheless complies with her request, believing that his brother is incapable of running a kitchen on his own. Sylvie then hastens to join Maxime and Salomé then announces the closure of the restaurant to them. The two trainees may try to change her mind, Sylvie sticks to her positions and declares that only her husband’s health matters. Annoyed, Maxime encourages Pierre to oppose this decision but the latter no longer has the strength to fight, especially now that Sylvie has sided with his brother.

Meanwhile, Laetitia receives a call from her father who would like to reconnect with her and meet Kelly before it’s too late. Unfortunately for him, she formally opposes it. Several kilometers away, Salomé tries to convince her mother that she is under the influence of her husband and says she is ready to do anything to help her. However, Sylvie does not see things the same way and would like her daughter to leave before having to kick her out. But nothing helps, Salomé refuses to leave and then swears to do everything to ensure that she leaves her husband.


In order to open his pop-up restaurant in the gardens of the institute, Théo presents his project to Clotilde and Emmanuel with the support of Rose. Indeed, the son Teyssier would like to surf on the success of the barbecue lives by offering recipes in a much more relaxed atmosphere than at the double A. In addition to the barbecue, the young chef also intends to cook in front of the customers and will need three students. to assist him. Having promised his wife to support her son, Teyssier accepts without hesitation. While Clotilde wonders about this turnaround, Emmanuel replies that he has given his consent knowing full well that his son will not go the distance. And to affirm that he will plant himself alone like a grown-up.

Afterwards, Rose would like to have a discussion with her sister regarding the pop-up but she feels that she is ridiculing the image of the institute with all her stupid ideas. Never mind for Rose who doesn’t care and makes him understand that she does not need his authorization. Shortly after, Theo, Rose and Marta gathered the students in the amphitheater with the aim of finding two more people to join the team. Without hesitation, Célia and Eliott volunteer.

At the end of the day, Theo looks for recipe ideas for his pop-up but cannot find something both simple and qualitative with the small budget at his disposal. As his father is convinced that he will eventually drop his project due to the enormous workload it represents, Theo is determined to prove him wrong.


In the salt marshes, Noémie, Louane and Ludivine set up “La table des Rivière” and even offered Élodie to participate in the project. Word of mouth worked so well that even Teyssier ordered three menus from them. Insofar as neither of the sisters wants to make the delivery, Élodie flies a coin to decide between them and it is Louane who is appointed to stick to it.

While tasting the dish in front of his former student, the director cannot help but be particularly critical. Impressed by the tenacity and combativeness of Élodie, Louane and Ludivine, he nevertheless contacted Marc Reynaud, a Michelin-starred chef, in the hope of finding them a job. Antoine encourages him instead to take the students back to the institute, but Teyssier is not able to forget all the harm they have done to his family.

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