Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 185 of Friday, July 16, 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louane and Ludivine make a public apology, François has a heart attack. Theo is embarking on a new project.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday July 16 in Here everything begins …


Following the threats to which she was the victim, Charlene has no intention of going to the institute but her father encourages her not to panic, especially since the gendarmes will be there. In vain. Worried, Teyssier cannot believe that the Rivière sisters are innocent and thinks that they could have paid someone to achieve their ends. For her part, Constance does not believe it for a second.

In the salt marshes, Gaëtan and Ludivine manage to convince Louane that this story has gone much too far. The latter therefore makes an appointment with Elodie to stop everything. Resistant at first, Elodie ends up letting Gaëtan delete the video on his computer.

Meanwhile, Captain Brassac is at the institute. Although he takes the raven’s threats seriously, the gendarme unfortunately does not have enough elements to find the culprit. Later, Gaëtan meets Teyssier and asserts that there will be no more threats against him if he leaves his sisters alone. The director then agrees not to say anything to the gendarmes on condition of obtaining a public apology in the afternoon.

Afterwards, Emmanuel gathered the students and teachers in the amphitheater. Uncomfortable, the Rivière sisters admit that they have sought revenge after being unjustly excluded and ask forgiveness from the whole assembly. When Teyssier demands to know the name of their accomplice, Elodie bursts in and denounces herself. However, she refuses to apologize because she has been humiliated by their director for too long. Elodie then points out that she has to work twice as hard as the others to prove that she is capable of being in the kitchen despite her handicap. Without wanting to clear customs, the student specifies that she never agreed to hear that she had no place here and then leaves the amphitheater to the applause of her comrades.

At the end of the day, Gaëtan confides to his sisters that Elodie’s speech touched him a lot. As the two young women are depressed at the idea of ​​having nothing left in their life, Gaëtan encourages them to move forward by setting up their street food project.


Determined to help Sylvie, Salomé announces to Laetitia that she has been accepted to work in the Rigaut restaurant as an intern. Laetitia tries to dissuade him by explaining that François could go crazy if he found out who she is, the young woman indicates that she has no other choice to save their mother from the grip of a pervert narcissistic.

After having warned Anaïs and Enzo of their departure, Maxime and Salomé arrive at the hotel, much to Sylvie’s surprise. While he takes them around the owner, François introduces them to Pierre, the chef who is also his brother.

Later, François criticizes his wife for showing little enthusiasm towards their new interns. When Sylvie tries to convince him that it is a bad idea to have them hired, François suffers from a pain in his chest before collapsing to the ground.


After losing the post of head of double A, Theo is angry with his father and opens up to Marta. Insofar as he can no longer bear to be seen as a loser In Emmanuel’s eyes, Marta encouraged him to launch his ephemeral restaurant, convinced that he was capable of it. Knowing that she is right, Theo smiles again and adds that he has an idea to prove to his father that he is wrong on his account.

During a live “gastro barbecue”, Theo announces to his viewers his intention to launch a pop-up restaurant in the institute’s park for the summer. An idea that pleases Rose a lot, especially as Internet users are excited. For their part, Teyssier and Constance saw the video of their son. On the advice of his wife, Emmanuel warns Theo that he will not prevent him from completing his project and even offers him an apron to support him.

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