Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 182 of Tuesday, July 13, 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louane and Ludivine are hiding something, Célia gives Jeremy her freedom. Theo becomes the new boss of double A.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday July 13 in Here everything begins …


After discovering his office ransacked, Constance would like to warn the gendarmes but Teyssier refuses because he wants to settle it himself. Indeed, the director is certain that the culprit of the threats is none other than Louane Rivière. The pastry chef then summons Gaëtan and informs him of his suspicions. As the sports teacher affirms that his little sister was with him in Montpellier at the time of the facts, Teyssier thinks of Ludivine. But the young man refutes this idea assuring that she could never have done such a thing. Despite everything, the Rivière son takes advantage of lunch to question Ludivine about his schedule. Outraged by Chief Teyssier’s accusations, the latter indicates having spent her afternoon in town alone.

For their part, the Teyssiers discover with dismay that a bloodied chicken supreme, the same as that of the elimination rounds, has been placed in their kitchen accompanied by a word: “What note, chef?” “. Without waiting, Emmanuel warns Antoine and Guillaume. As Jérémy’s father suspects Laetitia and Kelly, the manager arrives at the Rigaut’s and returns their apartment in search of the duplicate keys to his apartment. In vain. While Laetitia threatens to file a complaint against him, Emmanuel retorts that he does not care because the authorities will not find her very credible.

Gaëtan, who witnessed the scene from afar, returns home and reports to his sisters what he saw. Once alone, Louane and Ludivine rejoice in the turn of events and hope that their flawless plan will eventually drive him crazy.


In the salt marshes, Célia deletes all her photos of Jérémy. Her parents may have made her understand that she will end up regretting him, the young woman does not care because he broke her heart. Meanwhile, Jérémy announces to Clotilde and Guillaume that he has obtained a waiter position in Sydney and that he must take up his duties this Saturday. Insofar as he does not have enough money to buy his plane tickets, Guillaume offers to help him financially, but for Clotilde this is out of the question. For her, if her son wants to prove that he is an adult, it is up to him to pay for his trip. In full doubt, Jérémy later tells his father that he is no longer sure he wants to leave because Celia, whom he feels he is abandoning. And to add that he needs time to think.

For her part, Célia opens up to Hortense who tries to convince her that their love story is impossible and that they both deserve a happy relationship with someone they can love without fear of being judged. . On the advice of her friend, Célia then meets Jérémy. When he declares that he finally wants to stay, the Gaissac girl retorts that they must put an end to their story because they deserve a normal life. With tears in her eyes, Celia tells him that he can leave and that she gives him back his freedom. Very moved, they hug each other


In the morning, Teyssier asks Claire and Clotilde to nominate a third year graduate to be the new leader of the double A this summer. Although she is used to controlling everything, Clotilde lets Claire choose.

Afterward, Claire and Rose discuss the future boss of Double A. While Rose thinks Theo would make an ideal candidate, Claire worries that he is a little too reserved for the job. Rose, who is convinced that notoriety on social networks could attract new customers, invites her colleague to attend a live “gastro barbecue” to get an idea.

Seduced by what she has just seen but also by the creativity of the proposed recipe, chef Guinot offers Théo to become the next double A chef for the summer, which he accepts immediately. But a few hours later, Theo is afraid of not being up to the task and confides in Marta. Hearing them speak, Louis realizes that his mother has chosen Theo as the new boss of double A and does not seem to be happy about it.

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