Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 156 of Monday, June 7, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Anaïs wants to leave the institute, Noémie’s dessert is a failure. Alice is determined to get Vincent back.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday June 7 in Here everything begins …


Following his altercation with Moriers, Lisandro feels guilty for not having handled the situation differently, especially since he cannot afford to be violent with the troubles he has had in the past. While Anaïs tries to take his hand tenderly to comfort him, the classroom teacher reminds him once again that their story is impossible.

Shortly after, they are summoned by Captain Brassac. Even if Moriers does not intend to lodge a complaint, the gendarme nevertheless lectures Lisandro. As Moriers’ police custody ended during the day, Brassac ordered Anaïs to go out accompanied, specifying that this was not his first attempt since he had already received a suspended sentence for it. be taken from another young woman. As the student is panicked, the gendarme assures her that he will not attack her because he has received a removal order and risks a year in prison if he does not respect the law.

Later, Antoine blames Lisandro for coming to blows. If the room teacher tries to justify his gesture, the principal points out that this is not the first time that he is violent then orders him to be forgotten for a while. Rose, who saw them in the distance, then makes her companion understand that he lacks objectivity, but Antoine says he knows how to put things right.

In the double A, Charlene has fun provoking Anaïs on the rescue operation of Lisandro and can not help noticing that the latter was in the right place, at the time. While Enzo stands up for his girlfriend, she pushes him away. Vexed, the young man confides in Maxime and Salomé on the doubts he begins to have on Anaïs and Lisandro. Once their comrade has left, Salomé reveals the truth to Maxime and makes him promise to keep the secret. Having already lived a similar story in the past with his sports teacher when he was a minor, the son Delcourt finds Anaïs to warn her that there is always a heavy price to pay for this kind of story.

For her part, Rose understood that Lisandro had fallen in love with Anaïs. Although he is very attached to his student, he is however not ready to live their story in broad daylight for fear of losing his job as well as the custody of his son. At the end of the day, Lisandro meets Anaïs in an isolated corner. Insofar as she can no longer bear the situation, she announces that she wants to leave the institute, but Lisandro refuses to sacrifice her studies because of him. When Anaïs retorts that she would agree to stay if he asked her to, Lisandro remains silent. Anaïs then decides to leave the prestigious gastronomic school.


At the Rivières, Louane is very impressed that Mehdi has succeeded in creating such a young signature pastry. Noting that only two members of the establishment have their desserts on the double A menu, Noémie sees a challenge and decides to include one of her creations on the daily menu: a spicy raspberry cream.

Unfortunately, its dessert is not unanimous and some customers have even preferred to send it back to the kitchen. When one of them indicates that it is inedible, Noémie, very moved, apologizes to him and then returns to the kitchen disappointed. Warned of the incident, Teyssier summons his colleague and lectures her fiercely. Deeming his dessert despicable, the pastry chef ordered him to stay in his place. The young woman then leaves the office with tears in her eyes.


In the salt marshes, Alice would like to make peace with Vincent. Although she admits her faults in the failure of their marriage, she is however convinced that her ex-husband was still in love with Clotilde when they were together. After announcing that it is with her that he had decided to start a family and no one else, Vincent asks her to stop rewriting history to clear himself of his faults. Alice then consults old family albums with Isabelle. When she admits to still having feelings for Vincent, Isabelle warns her that he has a new companion in his life with whom he feels good.

Alice later finds Vincent with a plate of her favorite cookies and a snapshot of their daughter. Looking at a photo of their offspring, the former couple recalls many memories. Célia, who sees them as accomplices, waits to be alone with her mother to understand what she is up to. Still in love with Vincent, Alice refuses to end twenty years of marriage and fully intends to fight for him to give her a second chance. But Celia obviously seems ready to stop him.

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