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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Lisandro attacks Moriers, Claire and Olivia laugh at Louis’ suspicions. Clotilde has a plan to separate Célia and Jérémy.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday June 4 in Here everything begins …


After spending the night together, Lisandro and Anaïs wake up in each other’s arms. A moment of tenderness interrupted by Enzo who knocks on the door of the young woman’s room. While the classroom teacher is hiding in the bathroom, Anaïs opens the door and finds an excuse to make him leave. Later, Anaïs tells Salomé the details of her night with their teacher. Stars in her eyes, she declares that she has butterflies in her stomach and that it is not about to stop.

Shortly afterwards, Charlène joined Anaïs and Enzo in the park to salute the courage of her comrade who lodged a complaint against the client of the double A. guts to have his reaction. Enzo, who judges Charlene’s approach to be hypocritical, is certain that she is up to something, but Anaïs thinks on the contrary that she was sincere.

For her part, Rose notices that Lisandro is not on his plate and tries to make him talk. The latter then recognizes that he has fallen for one of his students and that he is becoming attached to her. Rose reminds him of the risks he is running, but Lisandro replies that he is faced with a terrible dilemma between his work and Anaïs. At the same time, Enzo is with Anaïs at the commissary. Realizing that he was not up to par with her, the young man guarantees that this will change and now wants her to be able to count on him.

Anaïs then joins Lisandro at double A. Even if he will never forget the night they spent together, he prefers to put an end to their story. Convinced that the feelings they have for each other are strong, the young woman would like them to give each other a chance to experience their romance. But Lisandro, who fears losing the life he has so hard built, retorts that he needs to take a step back. Anaïs is therefore understanding and promises to wait as long as necessary.

At the end of the day, Moriers meets Anaïs. Furious, he virulently threatens to follow her everywhere if she does not withdraw her complaint. Fortunately, Lisandro intervenes and orders him to let go. As he realizes that they are in a relationship, Moriers is disrespectful towards Anaïs and calls her a “slut”. Words that do not please Lisandro who hits him violently until he loses consciousness.


At breakfast, Olivia tries to burst the abscess with Louis who tells her that he did not appreciate his criticism of his puff pastry. The chef Listrac recognizes that his dough was not missed but specifies that he is capable of much better. He may be talented, but Olivia has no intention of letting him fall asleep on his laurels.

Later, Louis reports to his girlfriend that he finds Olivia ultimately sympathetic. Elodie, who noticed that Olivia and Claire were very close the day before, wonders if they would not be attracted to each other. While Louis assures us that his mother is not a lesbian, Elodie indicates that it does not mean anything before adding that she is never wrong.

Disturbed, Louis questions his mother about her relationship with Olivia. Understanding where he is going, she takes advantage of the arrival of her colleague in the kitchen to make believe that they have a secret relationship. But Louis smiles when he sees that they are making him walk. At the end of the day, the two friends discuss their romantic lives and agree that they have neither the place nor the time for a man in their lives.


Clotilde thanks her husband for having organized his surprise birthday party. Convinced that Ludivine still has feelings for her son, the chef Armand would like to give fate a little push to reunite them and thus separate the Célia-Jérémy couple. Insofar as Guillaume forbids her to do so in order to preserve good relations within their family, Clotilde agrees to stay out of all this.

Meanwhile, Celia is angry and criticizes her boyfriend for not seeing that Ludivine is trying to get him back. Jeremy tries to reassure her about her feelings but nothing helps. Upset, the young man confides in his mother. Since he is afraid of losing the girl he loves, Clotilde reassures him and encourages him to do the same with his girlfriend.

Subsequently, Clotilde takes advantage of the end of her class to question Ludivine about the feelings she has for her son. While the Rivière girl replies that she is still in love with him, Clotilde launches that her relationship with Célia has no future and then makes her understand that this story could end quickly if they got down to it. Wanting to separate them, Clotilde wants to be sure that she can count on her student before telling him about her plan. Without hesitation, Ludivine agrees to help her.

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