Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 153 of Wednesday, June 2, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Marianne announces good news to Mehdi, Anaïs is persecuted by a former client. For their part, Greg and Eliott are reconciled.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday June 2 in Here everything begins …


In the early morning, Hortense wakes Mehdi up and is delighted to see that the candle of their future is still lit. While they are entwined, the young man receives a message from Doctor Delcourt wishing to see him as soon as possible but he ignores it. Unable to reach him, Marianne arrives at the institute and starts looking for him.

Meanwhile, Mehdi is in front of the talent wall with Hortense where he remembers with a certain emotion who he was when he stepped on the floor of the famous gastronomic school for the first time. A few moments later, their moment is interrupted by Marianne who announces to them that the first results of her analyzes show that the protocol works. Although it is unexpected at this stage of the treatment, there is no longer any doubt for Marianne that Mehdi’s leukemia is on the decline. In other words, the young budding chef is not going to die. Shaken by this news, Mehdi is in tears and warmly thanks Marianne.

The couple then finds Maxime and Salomé to bring them the good news. Still in shock, Mehdi finds it hard to realize that he now has his entire life ahead of him to think about the future and make plans. Later, Mehdi and Hortense meet Lina to tell her the happy news. Particularly moved, the mother thanks Hortense for having always believed in her son but also for having supported him when no one had hope. Lina then hugs her while telling her that Mehdi is very lucky to have her in her life. When the latter indicates to his mother that he intends to return to Nîmes to take advantage of his family, Lina invites Hortense to join them, which she accepts with pleasure.

At the end of the day, Mehdi asks Emmanuel and Antoine for permission to be away with Hortense to spend time with his family. The director of the institute gives his agreement but only until the end of his treatment. After thanking them for being there for him, the young man joins Hortense in the dormitories to finish packing their suitcases. The candle representing their future being still lit, the couple, who no longer need it, decides to extinguish it.


In the morning, Anaïs is with Lisandro in a secluded corner of the park. As she is about to kiss him, the head of the room pushes her away, explaining that their story is impossible. Even if the young woman says she is ready to live their romance out of sight, Lisandro knows that these stories always end up knowing each other and does not want to take the risk of losing his job. The young woman may well be ready to take on, Lisandro prefers to stop there.

Later, Anaïs is in charge of welcoming double A customers when she sees the customer disembark who had tried to put his hand under her skirt a few weeks earlier. While Enzo orders him to leave immediately, Lisandro intervenes and more calmly demands that their client leave the premises. In order to avoid a scandal, Anaïs finally agrees to have lunch left. The head of the room abdicates but threatens to kick him out at the slightest problem.

At the end of the service, Lisandro congratulates his student for being so strong. After having informed her that they will not take any more reservations in her name, Lisandro admits that he would not have supported him to attack her again. Unfortunately, when leaving the restaurant, the customer follows Anaïs and calls out to her. Intending to live in the region for a little while, he decides to make her pay for what she did to him.


Before the start of classes, Chef Guinot summons Greg and Eliott and gives them a 9/20 for the confidence test. While they blame each other, Claire, who is fed up with seeing them arguing, punishes them and charges them to take care of the compost. By getting to work, Eliott and Greg manage to converse without breaking down. Eliott would like them to remain friends but the son Delobel refuses because he is in love with him.

Back in the kitchen, Eliott confides in Célia. As he is still madly in love with Greg, she encourages him to give their couple a second chance and to live their love story to the full even if it doesn’t have to work out. Subsequently, Eliott finds Greg and declares that he wants to live dangerously before kissing him passionately while telling him that he loves her.

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