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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Mehdi succeeds in her last challenge, Alice wants to separate Célia and Jérémy. For her part, Anaïs has trouble channeling her emotions.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, May 31 in Here everything begins …


Following his discomfort, Mehdi spent the weekend in the hospital. His constants having improved, Marianne informs him that he can leave. Knowing full well that her son has no desire to come home, Lina no longer intends to fight him and agrees to accompany him back to the institute on the condition that he does not overwork himself.

Meanwhile, Rose tells Teyssier and Antoine that many customers would like to taste Mehdi’s dessert and then adds that she would like to put it on the Double A menu permanently. Excited by the idea, the pastry chef summons his student to keep him informed. Although it takes a lot of work to train his comrades, Mehdi agrees to do it immediately so that his dessert, baptized Eden, is à la carte the same evening.

Mehdi therefore goes to the kitchen to teach his new team the recipe. While Lionel and Greg do anything, the young chef still manages to impose himself and give orders before Eden is served for the first time to customers. Lina, who dines at double A, calls Mehdi in the dining room to congratulate him on his excellent work. Proud of himself, the mother gets up from the table and announces to the customers present that it is her son who made the dessert. The next moment, Mehdi is applauded by the assembly but also by his brigade, which came out of the kitchens especially for the occasion.


After a night together, Vincent confides in Laetitia that Alice is still in the salt marshes and that she hopes to reconnect with Célia. The father then says that a year ago, he learned that his wife was having an affair with the father of a friend of Celia. And it is also his daughter who discovered everything when she returned from high school. Vincent therefore left Alice to settle in the salt marshes and thus start a new life. While Laetitia is trying to find out if he still has feelings for his ex, Vincent says he doesn’t. On the other hand, he fears her reaction when she learns that he has had another child and that Celia is dating him.

At the same time, Alice would like to spend more time with Celia but she categorically refuses. Isabelle, who attended the exchange, assures her former daughter-in-law that Celia will eventually come back to her before revealing Jeremy’s existence to her. Furious, Alice finds Vincent and accuses him of having hidden their daughter’s suicide attempt from him. After admitting her wrongs, he promises that she is much better, however. Unfortunately, Alice does not share his opinion given that Celia is dating her half-brother. She then goes to the institute and joins Célia who is in the company of Jérémy. If her mother tries to convince her that her love affair with Jérémy is impossible, Célia considers that she has no say in it and that she is especially badly placed to lecture him.

At the end of the day, as Alice does not understand why her daughter insists on wanting to have a love affair with her half-brother, Vincent reminds her that this choice belongs to her and that she is adult enough to make her own decisions. . However, Alice is sure that her daughter needs landmarks and decides to extend her stay until she makes her listen to reason. Diego and Isabelle then invite him to settle in their guest room, which does not delight Vincent.


During sport, Anaïs is annoyed and is particularly cold with Enzo. When Salomé asks what’s going on, Anaïs recognizes that she is jealous of Fanny and then admits that she can’t stop thinking about Lisandro. Insofar as she no longer feels love for Enzo, Salomé encourages him to speak to him quickly to avoid making him suffer.

Later, Lisandro tells Anaïs that he will not be there to provide the evening service because he has plans. Unable to pretend, the young woman retorts that she is not very good at hiding her feelings and that he is not more. When Lisandro replies that she is having ideas, Fanny arrives, ending their conversation. While they are strolling by the seaside, Fanny tries to kiss the chef de salle but he prevents her from doing so. The young woman may be sure that something is happening between him and Anaïs, Lisandro says the opposite.

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