Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 148 of Wednesday, May 26, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Hortense overhears a conversation, Teyssier makes an offer to Olivia. For their part, Salomé and Laetitia confide with an open heart.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday May 26 in Here everything begins …


When he wakes up, Emmanuel confides to his wife that he is afraid that Mehdi’s new dessert will not be successful because, according to him, it is impossible to invent a signature pastry overnight. If Constance tries to convince him to lie to his student so that he gives himself a chance to heal, Teyssier believes that the young man deserves to hear the truth.

The pastry chef then joined Mehdi to taste his new dessert. Unfortunately, the young man is in respiratory distress and is immediately taken to hospital. As he suffers from side effects linked to chemotherapy, Dr Delcourt decides to keep him for a few days under observation to have him undergo additional examinations. Mehdi then tries to reach Teyssier to find out his verdict on his new creation. Having no news from his teacher, the young chef, accompanied by Hortense, sneaks away to get an answer. Teyssier then chooses to lie to his student and declares that he has succeeded in creating his signature dessert. And to add that he is a great pastry chef before shaking his hand.

Happy, Mehdi announces the good news to Maxime who proposes to organize an evening to celebrate this important stage of his career. But while going to collect bottles of champagne from the commissary, Hortense overhears a conversation between Lina and Teyssier. While the young woman finds it shameful that they could lie, Lina claims to have done this for the well-being of her son and then begs her to keep it a secret. Hortense may well refuse to lie to the man she loves, yet she does not manage to tell him the truth.


Since this is her last day of class at the institute, Olivia tells Claire that she really enjoyed teaching. Certain that the chef Listrac would be a real asset, Claire joined Teyssier and suggested opening a permanent position for Olivia. Unfortunately, the pastry chef excludes it.

Later, Claire reports to Antoine and Rose the discussion she had with Emmanuel. Antoine, who is convinced that Olivia would make an excellent recruit for the school, has an idea to change the principal’s mind. Supporting documents, he shows him that the double A would lose 20% of its customers if it did not offer vegetarian alternatives à la carte. Since they have a good chance of becoming the first application restaurant to have a 100% vegan menu, Emmanuel finally offers Olivia a permanent position effective the next day.


During cooking, Salomé has her head elsewhere. Indeed, the young woman thinks a lot about her mother who has still not given any sign of life since their last discussion. For his part, Maxime encourages her to be patient, convinced that she will end up responding to his messages. Not intending to miss the link that unites them, Salomé joins Laetitia and Kelly at double A. As they all want to give each other the chance to be a real family, Laetitia agrees to make efforts and not to lie anymore. .

In the afternoon, Salomé, Laetitia and Kelly meet in the gardens for a drink and discuss everything and nothing. Seeing the looks that her sister exchanges with Vincent in the distance, Salomé tries to understand what is going on between them. After Laetitia tells him the whole story, Salomé advises him to try his luck. She then goes to meet Vincent and admits that she has a real problem with lies before saying she is ready to change. Certain of being able to achieve this with Vincent by his side, Laetitia asks him to give him a second chance. Unfortunately, Vincent doesn’t want to because he can’t trust him anymore.

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