Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 141 of Monday, May 17, 2021 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Sylvie approaches Salomé, Mehdi’s mother arrives at the institute. Lionel is considering becoming a vegetarian.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, May 17 in Here everything begins …


Following the revelations of her sister, Salomé would like to learn more about her parents. Laetitia then tells him that Sylvie was a gentle woman who worked in a hotel and that she would be proud to see her daughter pursue a career in the kitchen. As for her father, she indicates that she only met him once in a convertible and that he was a handsome man. While Salomé asks to see a photo of her mother, Laetitia claims to have none. Once alone, Kelly pushes her mother to tell Salomé that Sylvie is very much alive. Unfortunately, Laetitia refuses, stating that her mother is better dead than alive.

Later, Kelly joins her grandmother at the entrance of the establishment and warns her that Salomé believes her dead. If she says she is happy to be able to meet the girl she gave birth, she fears however that the young woman hates her for having abandoned her. Salome being particularly kind, her little daughter assures her that she will understand the situation perfectly. It is therefore stressed that Sylvie approaches Salomé in the park of the institute. As she prepares to tell him that she is his mother, Claire reminds her student that she must watch out for the ordeal of the early years ending their conversation.

Sylvie then finds Kelly with disappointment. When Laetitia surprises them, she sees red and reproaches her mother for having put her on the street at the age of sixteen when she was pregnant. Even though she apologizes to him, arguing that her husband left her no choice, Laetitia makes him understand that she is nothing in his eyes. Sylvie, who blames herself terribly, would like to fix things but Laetitia retorts that it is too late then orders her never to set foot here again. Shaken by this discussion, Sylvie prefers to leave without meeting Salomé because according to her, the young woman will be much better without her in her life.

Not far from there, Salomé tells Maxime about the strange meeting she had in the morning and said to herself certain that this woman had something important to tell him.


If he was initially to spend the weekend with his family, Medhi ultimately preferred to spend it with Hortense in order to avoid telling his mother that his illness had gained ground.

Later, Antoine summons Mehdi to make sure he’s okay. After admitting that it was difficult to hear that he was going to die soon, the young man assures us that everything will be fine because he is well surrounded. As he wishes to continue the lessons until the end, Antoine replies that he sees no problem with it, but informs him, however, that only Chef Teyssier is authorized to make this decision.

During baking, Mehdi is seized with a sharp pain in the arm and breaks a food processor. The young man then goes immediately to the infirmary where Constance administers the necessary drugs to him. Warned by the nurse, Antoine and Teyssier disembark on the spot. Even if Mehdi ensures that this kind of incident will not happen again, Teyssier excludes taking such a risk and decides to dismiss him from his establishment.

Shortly after, Antoine informed Rose of the situation. The latter, who would like us to let Mehdi live his end of life as he sees fit, encourages his companion to fight so that Teyssier changes his mind. Warned by Antoine, Lina, Mehdi’s mother, arrives at the institute determined to bring her son home.


Olivia and Claire bring their students together to tell them that they will be evaluated on a dish from the double A menu that they will have to revisit in a 100% vegan version. While Greg finds this style of cooking tasteless, Lionel seems rather determined to take up the challenge and takes to the stove. Realizing that his friend intends to use cow’s milk cream for his recipe, Lionel urges him to really play the game. Insofar as Greg wonders about his change of speech on the subject, Lionel retorts that he watched a report on animal suffering which made him think a lot.

At the end of the test, Claire and Olivia taste their students’ dishes. If they give Greg a bad mark for not having followed the instructions, they congratulate Lionel on the other hand. Subsequently, Greg tastes his friend’s dish and recognizes that it is good even though it is not gourmet cuisine. Despite everything, Lionel is seriously considering changing his eating habits and becoming a vegetarian. Understanding, Greg chooses to support him in his approach.

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