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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Laetitia asks Kelly to get rid of the evidence, Hortense and Mehdi spend the day at the beach. For her part, Olivia uses an extreme technique to interest her students.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday May 12 in Here everything begins …


After revealing the whole truth to their children, Constance and Emmanuel take them to the seaside to the place where they scattered Simon’s ashes twenty years earlier. A particularly moving moment of meditation for the whole family. Later, Maxime and Salomé meet Constance and apologize to her for forcing her to stir up a painful past. The nurse is however understanding and sincerely wishes Salomé to find her biological mother.

When leaving the infirmary, Maxime shares with Salome his doubts concerning Kelly and even admits having considered that Laetitia is a mother. An impossible theory for Salomé because the guardian of the institute is only twelve years older than her. The young woman then goes to the Rigauts to give Kelly a cooking class. As she cuts herself with a knife, Kelly opens a drawer to retrieve a bandage. When Salomé discovers her hairbrush next to a brochure for a DNA test, Kelly makes her believe that she probably forgot the object when she came to her house to help her. And concerning the prospectus, she claims that Laetitia is looking for her ancestors. Only, Salomé does not believe her and tells Maxime everything.

Meanwhile, Kelly informs her mother of what happened. Fearing that the young woman will eventually discover the truth, Laetitia asks her daughter to get rid of all the evidence they have on her. At the end of the day, Maxime and Salomé surprise Kelly throwing a trash can in front of the institute. While searching in the bag, the couple discovers a binder containing photos of Salomé and a notebook whose sheets strangely resemble those used for the messages that the young woman received.


While Clotilde gives a lesson on mixing spices, Hortense and Mehdi are particularly talkative and dispassionate. When the young man drops a jar of spices while having fun with his girlfriend, the chef Armand decides to exclude them for the day.

In order to change their minds, Hortense suggests that they spend the day at the beach. If Mehdi hesitates at first, he finally agrees to follow her when he sees that his oncologist is trying to reach him. After having a picnic, they decide to bathe dressed. Unfortunately for him, Mehdi’s clothes did not have time to dry when he returned to the institute. Although frozen, the young budding chef confides to his girlfriend that he still had the best day of his life.

Shortly after, the couple is interrupted by Antoine who indicates that his oncologist called him because he did not show up for his analyzes. Even if Mehdi swears that his bruises are resolved, Antoine tries to make him understand that he is acting unconsciously and that the disease is still present. Nothing helps, Mehdi does not want to hear anything and retorts that it is the first time in a long time that he has thought of anything other than his leukemia.

At the end of the day, Hortense takes care of Mehdi who blames himself for having spoken badly to Antoine while he is worried about him. While the young woman questions him to know if he intends to call his oncologist back, Mehdi thanks her for worrying about him but certifies that he is managing the situation.


As many of her students feel like they are wasting their time learning vegan cuisine because according to them French gastronomy is the art of transforming meat, Olivia has an idea to make her course much more interesting. To do this, the chef Listrac has half a pork brought into her kitchen. After talking to them about the impact of meat production on global warming and animal suffering, she asks Lionel, Greg and Louane to take the meat from the carcass. The students are then far from imagining that they will have to use a saw and many utensils to cut the beast.

At the end of the course, Louane deemed this moment violent and unnecessary. If she was disgusted by the exercise, the young woman declares however that this will not prevent her from cooking meat and even less from eating it. Lionel, for his part, realized that it is complicated to see a dead animal and that he had never thought of the animal. This does not mean that he will become a vegetarian, but the young man thanks his teacher for making him think about the subject.

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