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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Salomé refuses to continue her research, Mehdi makes a surprise for Hortense. Jérémy helps Célia in the kitchen.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday May 5 in Here everything begins …


In the morning, Salomé apologizes to Olivia for believing that she was his mother. The chef Listrac, who does not hold it against him, urges him to continue to move forward at all costs. Only, Salomé thought she had mourned her mother but understood that this was not the case.

In cooking class, Maxime asks his girlfriend for forgiveness for making a mistake about Olivia. If the young woman says that she needs time to digest all this, she recognizes, however, that she should never have been carried away because fairy tales do not exist. In addition, she finally finds it quite twisted that her biological mother can be at the institute without coming to speak to her directly. Feeling the need to turn the page, Salomé asks Maxime to do the same.

Later, Salomé provides double A service. When Lionel and Greg make her believe that her mother is sitting at a restaurant table while making fun of her, the young woman takes it badly and leaves the premises angry. Anaïs then immediately joins Maxime to keep him informed of the situation. For Delcourt’s son, anonymous messages are probably a bad joke from the start and he blames himself for not having thought of it sooner. Furious, he confronts Lionel and Greg. When Lionel makes a derogatory remark towards his girlfriend, Maxime hits him and causes a fight between the three young men. Shortly after, they are summoned to Teyssier’s office, who threatens to exclude them if this kind of incident happens again.

During this time, Salomé teaches Kelly some basics in the kitchen. When Salomé tells her that a person has fun making her believe that her biological mother is looking for her and that she has no intention of meeting the woman who gave birth to her, Laetitia loses her smile. In the greenhouse, Elodie confirms to Maxime that a woman was present here on Monday and that she knows her perfume by heart.


After they have spent the night together, Hortense brings breakfast to Mehdi who looks at her tenderly before launching that he finds her incredibly beautiful. Since she doesn’t consider himself particularly pretty, he declares that if she could look at herself through his eyes she would never doubt it again.

Afterwards, Mehdi would like to do something for his girlfriend. Since he has no money, Noémie encourages him to use his gift for baking to surprise her. The young man then immediately goes to the kitchen and begins to cook. When Hortense arrives, he invites her to join him in the greenhouse at the end of the afternoon. Before leaving, she observes red patches on his forearm and understands that he is reacting to the decrease in his platelet count. After making him promise to speak to his oncologist as soon as possible, she kisses his arm and then leaves the premises.

A few hours later, Mehdi gives Hortense a cake in the shape of a huge bouquet of red roses. Very touched by this beautiful attention, the young woman tells him that she does not need gifts and that it is enough for her to be happy.


In the salt marshes, Jérémy and Célia walk hand in hand which does not please Vincent, who considers it absurd that they are back together. Jérémy then affirms that they do not sleep together but Vincent fears that they will be devastated by the eyes of the others. Even though they realize that it won’t be easy, Célia and Jérémy love each other deeply and cannot go against the feelings they have for each other.

In cooking class, Clotilde congratulates Ludivine on cooking her lobster but criticizes Célia’s dish. While the young student implies that her teacher is sacking her only because she has recovered with her son, the chef Armand assures her otherwise and even offers her a second chance to redo her meal.

Later, Jérémy finds Célia in the kitchen. Insofar as she told him what happened in the cooking class, the son Armand tastes his dish and cannot help but agree with his mother’s criticisms.

Mastering the recipe perfectly, he decides to give Célia a hand. After joining them, Clotilde congratulates them for their work and more particularly Jérémy because he was very creative. While she points out to him that he has a lot of talent for this discipline, the young man declares to be happy since he stopped cooking and urges his mother to accept his decision.

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