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In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Salomé makes a shocking discovery, Eliott confronts Greg. For her part, Caroline leaves the salt marshes.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday May 4 in Here everything begins …


Salomé has not closed her eyes all night because she has not stopped reading the note left by her mother. In it it is written: “I was there until now but I can’t keep this to myself anymore. I would like to make up for all those years that we have lost. I almost spoke to you the other day, you might have sensed it.“. Certain that the word comes from her mother, Salomé wonders if she is at the institute and if they have already crossed paths one day. Wishing to meet her, the young woman fully intends to answer her but prefers to wait more. a little. ”Maxime promises then that she can count on him and that he is there for her.

At the end of a cooking class, Salomé confides in Maxime that she suspects Olivia Listrac of being his mother. However, she refuses to speak to him until she has proof that it is indeed her. In order to find information that could prove his girlfriend’s theory, Maxime decides to steal the chef’s tablet. Arriving at the commissary, he overhears a conversation between Claire and Olivia during which the latter evokes her desire to speak to Salomé at the end of the day. If Claire thinks it’s a bad idea because Salomé is just starting to find a certain balance, Olivia points out to her that she doesn’t need his permission for this.

Without waiting, Maxime hastens to report the conversation to his girlfriend. Now convinced that the woman she has idolized for years is her mother, Salomé is happy. Later, Olivia waits until the end of her class to talk to the young woman. Impatient, Salomé reveals that she is aware that she is his mother. Unfortunately, Olivia retorts that she is on the wrong track and that she is not his mother. Indeed, the chef simply wanted to offer him the post of second in his restaurant. Salomé, who is upset, then joins Maxime and overwhelms him with reproaches. No longer wishing to know who his mother is, she urges him never to tell her about this whole thing again. For their part, Greg and Lionel overheard their entire conversation.


In the morning, Lilian waits for Greg in front of the institute. Even though it was a one shot, Lilian loved making love with him and would like to do it again. Only, Greg replies that he has someone in his life and then leaves for class. An exchange that has not escaped the gaze of Hortense who hastens to talk about it to Eliott. As he was not aware of anything, he confronts Greg who explains that he was afraid of losing him by telling him about his date. Eliott therefore assures that he is neither hurt nor jealous and that he will not get rid of him so easily. The couple then promise to say things to each other in the future before kissing tenderly.


At work, Caroline confesses to Antoine that she was the one who stole the bottles of wine and apologizes to him. Deeply disappointed, the principal found himself obliged to file a complaint and dismiss her for serious misconduct. Subsequently, he summons Gaëtan to inform him of the situation. The sports teacher then begs Antoine not to say anything to the police and even says he is ready to reimburse the bottles of wine that she has stolen. Although Antoine reminds him that it is not for him to pay for his mother’s mistakes, the young man states that he is doing this to protect his sisters.

Shortly after, their conversation is interrupted by Teyssier who seeks to know if Antoine has found the culprit of the theft. Against all expectations, the principal chooses to cover Caroline by specifying that the bottles were broken and that the broken glass was discovered in a trash can.

Meanwhile, Louane is at its worst and wonders if her mother thought of her family by making such a serious mistake. To reassure her, Noémie guarantees that Caroline loves them all three. When she encourages him to come and say goodbye to his mother, Louane excludes her and adds that she no longer exists in his eyes.

At the end of the day, Caroline gathers her things to leave her children’s home. While she thanks her son for having convinced Antoine not to file a complaint against her, Gaëtan, very moved, says that she is no longer welcome and that there is no point in contacting them. With tears in her eyes, the mother said goodbye to Ludivine then to Louane who finally came to take her mother in her arms one last time. And it is entwined that the Rivière children watch their mother leave the salt marshes.

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