Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 131 of Monday, May 3, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Salomé receives an answer from her mother, Gaëtan discovers the truth. For his part, Greg meets Lilian.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday May 3 in Here everything begins …


After discovering the word in her locker, Salomé asks herself many questions. Although she can get answers about her past, the young woman does not prefer to follow up for fear of knowing the truth about her story and that it will turn the life she has hard built up upside down.

Worried about the woman he loves, Maxime takes Rose into his confidence. As this opportunity will not present itself a second time, she encourages him to investigate on his side without talking about it to Salomé. Maxime therefore goes to the greenhouse and leaves a note behind the mirror. Enzo, who sees him doing it, advises him not to do it but Maxime is ready to take the risk.

Meanwhile, Kelly informs Salomé that she wishes to take the entrance exam for the institute and asks for her help to learn the basics of cooking. The young woman accepts with pleasure and promises that by working regularly she will get there. Later, Salomé has trouble concentrating in class. Disturbed, the student asks Olivia if she would take the opportunity to know her true story. The latter then responds that she would not hesitate a second to get to know her parents.

Subsequently, Salomé signals to Enzo and Anaïs that she wishes to respond to the proposal she has received. Without waiting, Enzo warns Maxime who rushes to the greenhouse but discovers that the note he left behind the mirror is no longer there. He then joins Salomé who is seated a few steps away, who hands him her mother’s response to her message.


In the morning, Noémie confronts Caroline about the theft of the wine bottles. The mother of the family may try to justify herself, Noémie does not care and pushes her to denounce herself. While Caroline begs her to keep the secret, the young woman ends up accepting but does not guarantee that she will succeed.

At the same time, Antoine interrupts Clotilde’s class to talk to the students about the theft that occurred within the institute. The principal then leaves 24 hours for the culprit to denounce himself, otherwise he will file a complaint. When Lionel amuses himself by accusing Caroline of having stolen the bottles of wine, Louane loses his temper and slaps him violently.

Gaëtan, who heard of their altercation, later lectures his sister. When Louane stands up for her mother, Noémie makes a mistake and reveals the truth. Back to the wall, Ludivine has no choice but to confirm. Furious, Gaëtan goes to the salt marshes and confronts his mother. Even if she tries to justify herself, the young man refuses to listen to her then gives her until the next day to denounce herself, get her things back and never set foot home again.


Greg has been chatting with someone named Lilian for a few days on a dating app. On receiving a message from the young man giving him an appointment in the afternoon, Greg discusses it with Eliott without saying too much in order to preserve his secret garden. Although all of this scares him a little, Eliott deeply loves Greg and wants him to thrive.

Greg therefore finds Lilian in a cafe. A little uncomfortable, he admits that he has never had sex with a man, but Lilian doesn’t care. The two young men then decide to continue their meeting at the edge of the beach where they get to know each other better. As long as the current is flowing between them, Greg lets her know that he’s ready to have sex with him. However, the son Delobel makes things clear by recalling that he is not looking for any serious relationship. Lilian, who has understood it well, kisses her.

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