Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 129 of Thursday, April 29, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Teyssier is suffering from multiple sclerosis, Ludivine discovers Caroline’s secret. Salomé wonders about the intentions of the chef Listrac.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday April 29 in Here everything begins …


At the Teyssiers, Charlène and Constance are delighted that Emmanuel is now the new director of the institute. Unfortunately, Theo can’t seem to pretend. As his mother urges him to make efforts so that his father can rest, the young man suspects his parents are hiding something from him. Meanwhile, Claire thanks Antoine and Rose for supporting her during the culinary duel and apologizes to them for not having been up to the task. While she fears that Teyssier will fire her, Rose and Antoine encourage her not to give up and not to let go.

In double A, Clotilde brought together the teaching team and all the school’s students to announce the appointment of the pastry chef at the head of the Institute. He then takes the floor and expresses his wish to expand the projects set up by the chef Guinot in order to open a more modern path for his school. Teyssier then turns to Claire and makes sure that she intends to stay to continue teaching. The latter accepts with pleasure to the chagrin of Clotilde.

Later, Clotilde, who did not appreciate her colleague’s pro vegan speech, reminds Emmanuel that it is thanks to her that he won the culinary test. In response, Teyssier retorts that he is now the director and that he has no intention of having his choices dictated.

Not far from there, Theo can no longer bear to see his father playing the great lord and tells Martha of his desire to leave the institute as well as the family home. Constance, who overheard them talking, finds her husband and urges him to tell the truth to his children. In vain. Emmanuel categorically refuses to let his secret come out. However, when he returns home and sees his son packing his bags, Emmanuel confesses to his children that he hid something important from them. At the foot of the wall, he reveals that he is suffering from an incurable disease: multiple sclerosis.


At double A, Laetitia questions Caroline about her search for an apartment. Gaëtan’s mother indicates that this did not give anything specifying that the release from prison is complicated for her. The mother of the family then receives a message from her buyer who says she is interested in other bottles of Château Janet Confit. Caroline then connects to the establishment’s intranet to modify the inventory then steals the last five bottles of this grand cru.

Soon after, she went to the salt marshes to hide her booty under an abandoned boat. Seeing her do it, Ludivine lectures her and Caroline admits that she needs money to obtain decent accommodation to accommodate them before making her promise to keep it a secret. At the same time, Anaïs warns Lisandro that they have sold all the bottles of Château Janet Confit. Only, the head of the room knows that he only sold one bottle and understands that an internal person stole them by faking the inventory.


In the morning, Olivia confides in Salomé that she also grew up in a home. Convinced that their strength of character has enabled them to get to where they are today, Chef Listrac guarantees that she is no longer alone and that she will do everything to help her. During her cooking class, Olivia is particularly attentive to Salomé whom she takes as an assistant to present a vegan velouté recipe. Subsequently, the boss throws at the young woman that she has gold in her hands.

Salome later fears that Olivia is projecting herself on her due to the similarities of their pasts. When she invites him to work on the recipe to present for the next day, Salomé declines, explaining that she has something planned with her boyfriend. Olivia trying to make her change her mind, Salomé sets things straight and declares that she does not want any privileges since they were both orphans.

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