Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 124 of Thursday, April 22, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Clotilde takes over the head of the Institute, Jérémy and Célia embrace. For his part, Mehdi relishes his revenge.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday April 22 in Here everything begins …


Following her revelations, Claire admits that she should never have let Louis sign Augustus’ will. If Rose and Antoine want her to stay at the Institute despite what she has done, Chef Guinot knows full well that Clotilde will not see things the same way and that she risks excluding her.

Before the affair becomes public, Claire finds Louis and Teyssier and then informs them that Rose and Antoine know the truth about Augustus’ will. Unfortunately, Louis resents him terribly and has no intention of forgiving him for his betrayal. Teyssier, for his part, intends to take over the management of the Institute, but this time going it alone.

At the worst of the idea of ​​losing everything, Louis seeks comfort from Elodie. Very in love with him, the young woman promises to be by his side no matter what. A short distance away, Maxime and Salomé learn with relief that they will be able to return to the gastronomic school.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel accuses Theo of having searched through his things and of having acted without thinking of the consequences. The pastry chef then crosses paths with his wife and asks her not to believe the rumors that will circulate about him. After asserting that he had good reasons for doing so, Teyssier kisses him tenderly.

For their part, Rose and Claire meet Clotilde to tell her the truth about Augustus’ will, but Teyssier has already taken care of it. Rose then suggests that Claire and Teyssier be laid off while they find a solution. As they cannot leave the management of the establishment vacant, Clotilde agrees to take up the post while waiting to take stock.


By working on his aromatic salts, Jérémy confides in Vincent on his story with Ludivine. Insofar as he feels guilty at the idea of ​​making Célia suffer, Vincent is understanding but is convinced that this new story will allow them to turn the page.

At the same time, Célia reports to Eliott the discussion she had with Ludivine. Understanding the difficult period she is going through, the young man is sure that the feelings she has towards Jeremy will eventually turn into friendship. While Célia does not think of achieving it, Eliott points out to her that nothing prevents her from having a story with Jérémy. However, Célia refuses and persuades herself that she will manage to get used to the situation. Ludivine tells her sister how happy she is to spend time with Jérémy. Seeing that she is in love, Louane has fun teasing her.

Later in the salt marshes, Jérémy is with Célia who apologizes to him for his attitude the day before. When she admits that she is still in love with him, Jérémy, who cannot help thinking about her, says that he has never stopped loving her. Feeling the same for each other, they kiss.


By rereading the comments of the last live, Medhi notices that a certain “Bill66” had left about ten comments by himself. As he does not intend to let it go, the young man asks Rose and Guillaume to leave the comments activated during the next live.

During the recording, Mehdi and Hortense decide to make an emoji-shaped cake. The two budding chefs therefore present a pastry in the shape of a middle finger with the inscription Bill66 in order to make their hasten that they won’t let him have the last word. A humor that is causing a sensation among Internet users. Happy that their revenge has worked, Hortense jumps into the arms of her comrade.

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