Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 122 of Tuesday, April 20, 2021 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While the students of the Institute stand against Teyssier, Caroline seeks a way to help Gaëtan. Eliott thinks he has found a solution.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Tuesday April 20 in Here everything begins …


Back home, Emmanuel prepares breakfast for his whole family but the atmosphere becomes tense when Theo accuses him of having fired Maxime and Salomé on behalf of Louis. Once his children have left for class, Teyssier has a leg cramp but assures his wife that all is well. Later, Claire finds Emmanuel and is convinced that the teachers will soon react to the exclusion of the two students. We did not have to wait long because Antoine arrives in his office to try to invalidate his decision. However, the pastry chef reminds him that he has no hierarchical weight.

Meanwhile, Enzo and Anaïs consider it unfair to see their comrades leave the Institute and consider going on strike. However, Maxime has no desire to take students who want to work hostage and does not intend to stay in such a corrupt school. The students then get busy in the kitchen to prepare the lunch service. Planning to create a movement against Teyssier, Enzo decides to launch a petition to demand his resignation. As this story begins to cause trouble in the establishment, Clotilde goes to the management where she accuses Claire and Emmanuel of working under Louis’ leadership.

Informed by the head Armand of the petition circulating, Teyssier brings the students together in the amphitheater. After reminding them of his desire to make the Institute a place of excellence, he seizes the document and tears it up in front of everyone. Théo then intervenes and declares that it is thanks to Louis that he obtained his promotion before threatening to leave the Institute if Maxime and Salomé were excluded. Since his father begs him to do so, Théo leaves, but Enzo, Anaïs, Hortense and a majority of their comrades get up in turn, ready to leave the Institute.


At the Riviere’s, the fridge broke down. Gaëtan not having the means to buy one back, Noémie offers to lend him money but he refuses out of pride. During lunch, Noémie joins Caroline. When the young woman tells him that her son is struggling to make ends meet, the mother is terribly angry for having put him in this situation. Noémie then reminds him that it is useless to look to the past and rather urges him to listen to her son.

While having a double A coffee with Laetitia, Caroline surprises Lisandro severely cropping Hortense for leaving a bottle of € 925 wine on the counter. A colossal prize that does not escape the ears of the two women. Shortly after, Caroline subtly questions Hortense about the bottles of wine and the young student explains that they are listed on the Institute’s website before specifying that an inventory is made every evening.


Greg and Eliott spend a moment of intimacy. While they kiss, Eliott undertakes some foreplay to please his boyfriend but Greg stops him because he doesn’t want him to force himself to do anything. Annoyed, Eliott then confides in Hortense. As he fears that his boyfriend is frustrated with the lack of sex, Eliott is at a loss for what to do next. According to Hortense, sex and love are two different things and she lets him understand that he could let him sleep with other boys in order to sort it out.

Later, Eliott is with Greg to discuss what happened in the morning. If Greg says sex doesn’t matter to him, Eliott, who doesn’t believe him, doesn’t want him to sacrifice himself for him. Having no desire to lose him, he therefore encourages him to sleep with other boys without any attachment. After Greg replies that if he were to have sex it would be with him, Eliott claims it won’t happen. Eliott may add that he does this out of love for him, Greg is deeply hurt and joins Lionel in whom he confides.

Even though Greg has no desire to have sex with other men, Lionel grabs his phone to register him on a dating app. While he categorically opposes it, Greg downloads the app once on his own.

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