In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Louis and Teyssier are up to something, Benoît’s confession ignites the powder. Meanwhile, Salomé and Maxime argue in full service.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday April 7 in Here everything begins …


At the hospital, Louis receives a visit from his mother who informs him that he will soon be able to leave and resume his studies at the Institute. Unfortunately, the young man refuses to return because he does not want to see the people who betrayed him, including her again. Back at the Institute, Claire confides in Clotilde who points out that she did what was necessary to protect her son and that he will eventually forgive her.

At the same time, Teyssier visits Louis to bring him a cookbook so that he can continue to improve. As Louis tells him of his fear of coming back to the Institute, the pastry chef asks him to think about their common project before adding that it will not work if he continues to hold up his mother. Leaving the young man’s room, Teyssier crosses paths with Claire. While she is trying to find out what he is doing there, Emmanuel assures us that he has come to support his friend’s son because he understands what it is to be rejected by everyone.

Later, Louis carefully applies Chef Teyssier’s advice and apologizes to his mother for her attitude. The latter does not hold it against him by rigor and promises to do everything to ensure that his return to normal life goes well.


Fearing to lose everything they have built, Delphine insists that her husband reconsider his confession. Only, Benoît is opposed to it because he blames himself for having made his career before everything else in recent years without having seen what was happening within his family. Subsequently, he meets the management of the Institute who notifies him of the end of his masterclass. While the starred chef begs her not to say anything to the gendarmerie, Claire accepts but nevertheless swears to denounce him to the authorities if he comes to raise his hand on Greg again.

Shortly after, Antoine finds Rose and tells her about his discussion with Benoît. Even though they are both convinced that it is Delphine who is beating Greg, Rose would like her to be tried while Antoine feels that the best they can do is let them go.

At the end of this exchange, Antoine announces to the students of the masterclass that it will be their last lesson with chef Delobel. As the assembly asks questions, Benoît confirms that the rumors circulating are true. Louane then hastens to film the chef’s confession and sends the video to all of his comrades. Upon discovering her, Lionel and Charlene call for a boycott of the chef on social networks and thus hope to destroy his career in the world of gastronomy.

Lionel then arrives in full masterclass and reproaches his comrades for continuing to obey Benoît despite his confessions. While the young man provokes him, Greg stands up for his father and orders him to leave. A few moments later, Eliott, who finds what is happening unfair, urges Greg to restore the truth as quickly as possible.

For her part, Delphine is trying to manage the crisis that the hashtag has caused on social networks. Seeing their empire collapse in front of her, Delphine puts the blame on her husband. Greg therefore reminds him that he denounced himself to protect her but Delphine, very angry, slaps him. Just as she is about to hit him once more, Benoît intervenes and grabs his wrist. But struggling, she bangs her head against a table and then falls to the floor unconscious.


Although they have not spoken since their argument the day before, Maxime guarantees Salomé that he will respect the instructions of their evaluation. However, during their demonstration, Salomé made numerous remarks on Maxime’s culinary techniques, who was losing patience in front of their customers.

Deeming their behavior unacceptable, Lisandro orders them to go to the principal’s office. After lecturing Maxime, the chef Guinot chooses to sanction the couple by giving them a score of 5/20. Later, Maxime blames himself for having acted in this way and apologizes to his girlfriend before seducing her.

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