In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Delphine confesses the truth to Benoît, Esteban’s gluttony does him stupid things. For his part, Mehdi defends Hortense.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday April 5 in Here everything begins …


Concerned about the serious accusations made by Eliott, Benoît confronts his son. In order to preserve his secret, the young man makes him believe that his comrade wanted revenge and swears that his mother never raised her hand on him. Greg, who is furious, then joins Eliott and criticizes him for telling his father the truth. If Eliott defends himself by explaining that he did this for his own good, Greg still resents him for not having kept his promise and for shattering his family.

Meanwhile, Rose and Antoine summon Benoît to tell him about Constance’s report. Shaken by the photos of his son’s injuries, Benoît, very moved, assures us that he could never have done such a thing. Shortly after, the latter finds his wife and reports his interview with the management. As he is convinced that she is hitting their son, Benoît urges her to tell him the truth while promising to help him. Unfortunately, the mother pretends to be outraged and denies it outright. Not far from there, Rose suspects Delphine of inflicting bodily harm on her son. While her colleagues can hardly believe it, Rose points out that there is no typical profile in this kind of case. For her part, Constance wishes to report the mistreatment to the authorities but Claire is opposed to doing so without proof.

During his masterclass, Chef Delobel asks Eliott to keep this whole story a secret and agrees to do everything possible to protect his son. Although Eliott has no intention of abandoning Greg, Benoit leaves him no choice and threatens to end his career. Rose shows Delphine the pictures of her son’s brands in the hope of obtaining a confession. In vain. Can not bear to lie any longer, Delphine then arrives over her husband and apologizes to Greg. After Benoît orders his students to leave, Delphine confesses that she is abusing their son.


At double A, Esteban observes with wonder the chocolate creations of chef Teyssier. The little boy would like to taste it, but Teyssier is particularly unpleasant and then demands that Lisandro make sure that no one approaches his sculpture before the customers see it. A few hours later, Lisandro notices with fear that the paws of the flamingo have disappeared. While he fears the reaction of his colleague, the head of the room comes across his son hidden in the reserves with chocolate in his mouth. Wanting to taste a chocolate egg, the little boy kicked the flamingo’s paws and ate them.

In order to repair the stupidity of his son, Lisandro seeks the help of Maxime who accepts while bringing a touch of originality to the sculpture. When Teyssier discovers that his creation has been modified by Maxime, he guarantees to make him pay for it. However, reading all the glowing comments about his creation on social media, the chef ultimately changes his tone.


In the locker room, Hortense thanks Mehdi for the private pastry lesson then invites him to eat a pizza in the evening. Unfortunately, the young man refuses what surprises Maxime and Salomé. As Mehdi finds it embarrassing that his comrade is flirting with him, the couple encourage him to make a decision quickly stating that Hortense will not let go of the case so easily.

In class, Hortense brings Mehdi some mint for the leg of lamb recipe they have to make. When Lionel asks him if he is Hortense’s new client, Mehdi fiercely defends him and in turn provokes the young man. Subsequently, Mehdi apologizes to Hortense for having intervened in her place but the latter declares very moved that it does her good not to fight alone for once.

Later, Mehdi is with Hortense in the gardens of the Institute and makes her understand that he does not have enough time for a romantic relationship. He continues by confident that he will die soon but Hortense, who does not believe him, retorts that he could have been honest with her.

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