Here it all begins: were the actors aware of Augustus' death from the start?  - News Series on TV

Here it all begins: were the actors aware of Augustus’ death from the start? – News Series on TV

In December, “Here everything begins” surprised its fans with the death of Auguste Armand (Francis Huster). Planned in advance by the authors, had this twist been announced to the actors from the start? Catherine Marchal and Agustin Galiana answered us.

In a little over 100 episodes since its launch last November, Here Everything Begins has not skimped on the twists and turns, from the kinship between Célia and Jérémy to the paternity of Louis, through the revelation, this week , of the Delobel family secret.

But the biggest shock of these first episodes will undoubtedly remain the death of Auguste Armand, the director and founder of the institute embodied by Francis Huster. A sudden death, following a heart attack, which surprised everyone since, initially, the star of Indigo Earth and Zodiac was presented as one of the main figures of the series, on which was based a part of the program’s appeal.

“When we contacted Francis Huster for this character, we immediately told him ‘It’s a role that will last two months.’ The death of Augustus was planned from the start.”, confided the producer of Here it all begins Sarah Farahmand at the time of the broadcast of this shocking episode. “The series was designed around the death of this character. We had in mind the first three months of the series organized around this drama and all that Augustus was putting in place around him. The family and hierarchical ties that could exist around this character that we believed to be central to the series. And inevitably, then, when he disappears, we wanted to see how the house of cards crumbles and rebuilds itself “.

Thought upstream of the arrival of Here everything begins on the air, in order to reshuffle the cards and prove that everything was possible in the universe of the new daily TF1 soap opera, did the death of Auguste have also been announced to all comedians in the series from the start of filming?

Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

“Yes it was programmed in advance and we were aware”, recently explained to us Catherine Marchal during an interview organized as part of the 100th episode. “And by the time it happened Francis wanted to go back but it was too late. It was sad for everyone. And a little early. It happened very quickly”.

A feeling shared by Agustin Galiana who would have appreciated to share many more scenes with Francis Huster. “We really wanted him to stay, of course. We all admire Francis a lot, he’s a very special person, who has lots of fascinating anecdotes. It’s very interesting to listen to him. It is true that it happened quickly. But what is cool is that the public did not expect it at all. And we all kept the secret very well until the broadcast. “.

If the return of Francis Huster one day, the time of a dream or a flashback, seems unlikely, the shadow of the character of Auguste Armand should however continue to hover for a long time over Here everything begins since his legacy, and the question of his succession within the school, will once again punctuate the intrigue which will begin Monday on TF1 and will see Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) and Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) try to overthrow the institute and take the place of Claire at the head of the renowned culinary establishment.

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