Here it all begins: was the love story between Célia and Théo planned since…

Victim of a new unexpected twist this evening in “Here it all begins”, the Théo-Célia couple has fascinated viewers for weeks. But was this rapprochement planned for a long time by the writers of the TF1 series?

New drama at the Auguste Armand Institute tonight in Here it all begins on TF1. At the end of a plot that has had many twists and turns, Célia (Rébecca Benhamour) and Théo (Khaled Alouach) will meet and reconcile… before being locked up in the cold room of Double A by Marta (Sarah Fitri ), Theo’s ex, who can’t bear to know them together.

Trapped and in the grip of the cold, the two lovebirds will confess their love to each other, while not knowing what fate awaits them and if they will be rescued in time.

However, everything suggests that this shock cliffhanger will have a rather happy outcome, as the couple formed by Célia and Théo has established itself as one of the new favorite relationships of viewers. And is undoubtedly one of the strengths of Here it all begins at the start of 2022.

Present at the Canneseries Festival a few days ago with some of the actors from the series, Sarah Farahmand, the producer of Here it all begins, gave us some revelations about the plots to come and also came back for us on the genesis of the couple Théo-Célia, which was born from the desire to highlight Teyssier’s son, played by Khaled Alouach.

“Not at all”answers Sarah Farahmand when asked if the unexpected rapprochement between Célia and Théo has been in the minds of the screenwriters for a long time. “It came a bit by chance to the authors’ office. We were thinking about these characters and we said to ourselves, ‘What could we write for Theo?’ Because yes, there are Theo fans at work, including me (laughs)”.

“Certainly the public was attached to Théo and Marta because they were a cute and positive couple, but we had the feeling that there were not enough sparks”continues the producer of the TF1 culinary soap opera, who previously worked on the parent series, Tomorrow belongs to us. “The idea of ​​​​putting him with Célia was then launched. We know that she is a lover, a passionate person. We wondered what it was going to give with Théo”.

Here it all begins: was the love story between célia and théo planned since...

“Very quickly the authors wanted something very physical between them and for there to be a real chemistry. Something of a bit animal desire, a type of attraction that we had not yet dealt with in the series. And then it took really well to the screen. From the first scenes, I remember that I was in validation of the texts and that I said to myself “Too good, it works really well! But I’m a little embarrassed. My mother will watch” (laughs)”.

And although the rather crazy chemistry between Rébecca Benhamour and Khaled Alouach, which greatly contributes to the success of this new couple from Here it all begins, was not in much doubt with the production and the authors, Sarah Farahmand ensures that the result exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“These are things that we can sense because we see the game between the actors. We knew that these two actors were very intense, with a very animal game. So we thought that a priori it could match between them but it really exceeded our expectations”.

And the reactions of the fans following the first kiss have reinforced the authors of Here it all begins in their desire to fully explore this budding love story between Célia and Théo. “The day our community manager posted the scoop on Instagram where they kissed for the first time, we had 747 comments, whereas in general we have a hundred”concludes Sarah Farahmand. “I showed it to everyone. I was so proud”.

It remains to be seen what other twists await this new emblematic couple in the next episodes of Here it all begins. And, knowing the daily soap opera of TF1, we are certainly not at the end of our surprises.

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