Here it all begins: victim of Tom, will Hortense cause Greg and Eliott to break up?…

To take revenge on Hortense, Tom will leak confession videos of the young woman in the next episodes of “Here it all begins”. And the first victims will be none other than Greg and Eliott. Will they be able to overcome this ordeal?

After focusing on the Célia-Théo couple and the stalker who took malicious pleasure in terrorizing Célia (Rébecca Benhamour), TF1’s daily soap opera Here everything begins will switch on Monday in a brand new plot entitled “Confessions” which will reveal the dark side of Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) and her biggest secret.

To take revenge on his comrade, who ransacked the production of Easter eggs supervised by Mehdi (Marvin Pellegrino), Tom (Tom Darmon) will leak personal videos of Hortense, found in the latter’s phone, and thus goes bring to light the true face of the young woman, as revealed the trailer for this new ark.

“Hortense has moments of blues, moments when she gets angry with others. And we will discover that she expresses this in a video diary”recently confided to us the producer of Here it all begins Sarah Farahmand about the next episodes centered on the character of Catherine Davydzenka.

“With all that that implies of the diary. Excess, things that we do not necessarily think and that we say to relieve ourselves. His videos will leak and his friends, his relatives, will resent him. saying “But why are you saying such horrible things about us? Where are you betraying our secrets from? Because some characters will feel betrayed and secrets will be revealed.”.

And to believe an unpublished excerpt from Here it all begins posted by TF1Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) will be the first collateral victims of Tom and this famous diary.

Here it all begins: victim of tom, will hortense cause greg and eliott to break up?...

While he is in full midday service in the kitchens of Double A, Greg indeed receives a video on his mobile phone from an unknown number. Seeing a screenshot of Hortense on the video link, Greg decides to click and does not suspect the bomb he has just triggered.

“No but Eliott, again and again the same story. But seriously, what can I do if he forces himself to sleep with Greg?!”can we hear Hortense say in the video in question, which does not fail to create the amazement of the Greliott couple who do not believe their ears.

“Frankly, it’s so sad and creepy”continues the second-year student in this video confession. “No, he has to stop there. Really. Or leave him. But he can’t go on like this, it’s not possible”.

Eliott may swear to his boyfriend that it’s nonsense and that he doesn’t understand what went through Hortense’s head, Greg is visibly extremely hurt by this revelation which obviously calls the future into question. of her couple and her love affair with Eliott.

Unwittingly, because this video was not intended to be shared, will Hortense cause the breakup of Greg and Eliott? And above all, will his friends be able to forgive him?

What is certain is that, in another excerpt from an upcoming episode of Here it all begins, Eliott has no news of her boyfriend, who has taken refuge with the Lanneau family. Greg refuses to see it and struggles to recover from the content of the video and Hortense’s remarks.

“It makes me so uncomfortable to talk about it”he admits to Lionel (Lucien Belves). “Telling me that he forces himself every time we do it. Even if it’s once in four, it doesn’t change anything, it’s horrible”.

So, will the most emblematic couple of the Auguste Armand Institute manage to overcome this ordeal? And how far will Tom go to make Hortense suffer? Answer in the next episodes of Here it all starts on TF1 and ahead of Salto.

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